Standard of Beauty and its Impact on Young Girls

(Muqadas Majeed, Kasur)

I would like to address a very significant but still hidden issue which is STANDARD OF BEAUTY AND ITS IMPACT ON YOUNG GIRLS!!!! I have seen numerous girls who have built inferiority complex regarding their looks. They keep on criticizing themselves or start leg-pulling of other girls in making an attempt of feeling fulfilled. This is not fault of those girls. Actually, our society has set some standards of beauty which keep on varying with the passage of time. Our young women, after seeing flawless (full of editing +tons of makeup) cover pictures of models on magazines.... start hating their bodies. They start spending hours and hours on their looks and still feel inferior after making a comparison between themselves and any model/actor. Our literature is full of poems, ghazals and stories about the ideal looks of women. Those beautifully written words sometimes leave toxic impact on the minds of readers. Men of our society who already take women as objects... they raise their expectations regarding the looks of their dream girl. On the other hand, women (the real characters) start comparing themselves with the non-existing (fictional character) of any story or ghazal. Faiza Beauty Cream kind of product's commercials make our women feel more insecure. Moreover, the compliments from near and dear ones add more fuel to this fire! This has made our girls to cage themselves in a stupid definition of BEAUTY.

My message for my fellow girls is......Don't let this society make our status fragile by associating us with objects. Objects are given tags of beautiful or ugly on the basis of their appearance but, When it comes to living organisms, beauty lies in their actions and concepts. So.... My girls!!!! LET'S BREAK ALL THE STEREOTYPES RELATED TO THE STANDARD OF BEAUTY, SET BY THIS SOCIETY. LET'S ACCEPT OURSELVES AS WE ARE. LET'S START WORKING ON OUR GROWTH. LET'S PLAY OUR ROLE IN SMASHING THE PATRIARCHY. LET'S CHANGE THE GAME!

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