Street children lives with corona virus

(Samia Asim, Jeddha KSA)

Thoughts for homeless children’s ??

It’s been 1 week my children are at home because of this coronavirus of course, government shutdown schools for children's safety. More we keep them at home less they're going to effect because they can get these germs while playing, studying together, interaction with other kids etc now, At home I am take caring them more than before, giving them vitamin C, banana, milk,excessive water to strong their immune system because minors can effect more because of weak immune structure, along with all the precaution I am forcing them to use sensitizer after a few hours is for sure protecting them from bacteria.

While doing all of this I was thinking about those street kids who pass their entire time picking up garbage, wear unhygienic clothes, almost every day they get their food from bin which WE through it as left over or waste. No parents, family, supervisor, guardian, care taker are there to protect them from this contagious disease. they are spending their childhood on streets, foot path, railway or bus station, asking money for bread which can only remove their once hunger. No lust for toys, good clothes, shoes, only money bring a smile on their face.

More over, there must be some of them who have been effected through coronavirus BUT, who cares? Sadly, to say no one.These are the bitter aspects of actual Life which compels me to think how blessed we all are. We must have deep gratitude for Allah who give this beautiful life Alhumdolilha and make us capable to make a better life to our children. Eventually, the least we can do for them (street children)to treat them nicely, provide extra money, show kindness and avoid offensive behavior.if they become vigorous, clever, sharp doesn’t mean they don’t have an innocent heart they have the same right to enjoy their childhood like our children but, unfortunately poverty snatch it from them I heard somewhere every child have childhood but not everyone spent. May Allah protect them from all evil,disease and give them a good joyful life Ameen

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