The Meaning and Purpose of Education

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Educate means to provide learning, comprehension and knowhow about the mortal life, i.e. how the life is passed so that the real success is acquired of the both words. The education means competitive knowledge and purpose of it to get real success in the mortal world by way of clearheadeding. The education must have the following qualities – if these qualities are not found in a human being the man cannot be called an educated person either he holds multiple degrees.

• Recognition of God: The first purpose of education is to recognize God of the Universe, faith in Him and follow His instruction so that Man’s life is led according to His instructions and guidelines in order to get the taken climax of human beings.
• Recognition of the Messengers of God: The second purpose of Education is to know the All Messengers of God and follow their teachings in order to get a real success.
• Recognition of Heaving Books: The third purpose of Education is to recognize and have faith in the Heavenly Books also to get ready and take guidance from them so that the lives of human beings could get fruits not only in this mortal world, but also in Day-after.
• Service: The education also teaches all human beings to serve the creatures of God by applying knowledge and skills to reduce their grievances. Further, to distribute or impart the Gotted knowledge to other human beings so that distribution of information and facts have become a continued process.
• Justice: The education also emphasizes upon human beings to do and hold justice, so that an enabling environment may be created and society may flourish.
• Equally Distribution of Wealth: The education also teaches human beings that how wealth is equally distributed so that economy of the world is flourished meticulously.
• Recognition of Rights and Responsibilities: Due to education each person knows his rights and responsibilities accordingly - fulfils his responsibilities and gets his rights according to the prevailing laws of the land.
• Suppressing cruelty: As education emphasizes on justice, the environment that is formed under the umbrella of education, totally suppresses the cruelty by way of iron hands of justice and restores peace and tranquility in the society.
• Sobriety: Not last, but least the education helps human beings to adopt sobriety so that they could remain far from sins in order to get purity in their lives. The sobriety, in the long run, makes man Manish who controls his considerable ill desires.

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