Humanity Ends On The Bank Of Road

(Sadia Ijaz Hussain, Lahore,University oF Education)

Have you ever ponder over the circumstences, what it depicts ?
Our so known wise people, moral motor cars ends their morality and wisdom on bank of road, permit me to say that "Vision broad but it narrowdown the pipeline of humanity", We genius people in the somber moments show our wisdom merly to covers our bags, our bloodsheds, our illusions, our wishes, our desires, we donot have any concern about what happens to our humans , to our people, to our culture.Actually we forget the power of "our " and by creating diffusing line between us we have to face the music.

Whenever an accident takes place near road our genius humans only think about their self, they take snaps of the incident to post over their social ids, to get sympathy, likes , comments actually they not only kill their humanity but the question is what they are trying to do ? Are they want to become popular by killing their humanity ???

Humanity is not ended on Road but also in different circumstances .
It dies when :
Media is using worst purposes instead they indicate the facts and figures they are trying to contribute their powers over the meaningless things, meaning less popularity which actually hung over the bank of road, actually this happens because of fear, fear of being caught as Causer instead of helper this is major cause that crushes the humanity over the steps of foot of the fear. Ahha !the things are narrative but we make them so complex that nobody even wants to go over complex things.

Just ponder!

When a bulb carries a huge amount of current at an instant no one wants to touch it but what we can do? is to off the main circuit but unfortunately some people are not even have that type of energy or dare to off the circuit, even it burns the whole circuit.
When you walk near parks or grounds you can understand the affection that is created between the garden and caretaker. They start to feel each other , flora and fauna start to attach with each other , but its a
lamenting figure of our society that we are near but relations are so distant apart that now we have no times for our species , we are in race to juggle with the Competition.

Chair is being drag but the lamenting point is that we are the dragger unconsciously, although we can fix the problem but we donot want it because ,it demands from us to entangle in someone else problem that nobody wants to do.

Do you know what?

Gabling power is start from somewhere else concept and end on somewhere else things that we wraped like a page and holding the secretes ,nobody wants to open that secrete because the scent of paper will be attach to one's hand and nobody wants that scent because , it demands the bloodshed , approchment, individual , and a whole family.

Atmoshpere is so sophisticated that even the plants are died because of the suffocation thats the disorder of the genius humanist .

Dying from decades to deacdes we are only able to contribute the modrenity instead of solving problems. The word "humanity" is small but covering the whole purpose of life in it. But masses are unable to understand this common word but this having intense meaning in a single word "Humanity".

Approchment matter alot, practicing matters alot, believeing matters alot but we are forgeting, and ignoring this concept over the large boader, sometimes its predictable but eventually sometimes it happens even unpredictable.

Now question arise how is it predicatble?
Answer : when you know the cheif of transport is irresponsible and having humorous beahvior towards humans than accident will for sure.
And we are masses of sympathay , we only highlight the issue that manifest with the order of king, we are unable to say even say a single world in an independent state. So lets go or let your self throw .

Writer Sadia Ijaz Hussain
Copy [email protected] sadiaijazhussain

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