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(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

Sir Tim Berners Lee is the founder of the Websites. He was made first website in 1989. He was a British “computer scientist”. He was developed World Wide Web in 1993. It was available for the public in 1994. He was made first foundation of website in 2002 in England. It is require three elements for the website i.e. Data Management, Hypertext transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). The Hypertext transfer protocol is the communication system. As similar case of Hypertext Markup language is the tongue of Webpage. Moreover, the role of server is essential to manage data and link with web pages even connect to other networks. The thousands of users are getting any information through different web links or webpages. We can utilize this type of information from “Google Research Engine” or Firefox. The server is the controlling authority for the websites or webpages.

URL is Uniform Resource locator. It is specific location of web. A URL is a web address. You can create URL on Google chrome. The websites are based on information. The World Wide Web (WWW) is utilizing for specific purposes. The object of website is providing knowledge to the public then they share each other. The website is a link with http or html. It is essential to use before getting any information on webpage. As similar case www may write after the exact webpage to enter hub of knowledge.

The webpage or website is interlinked with internet. It is new dimension. There are various type of websites are uploaded in Google i.e Hamariweb.com etc. No doubt there some are useful website or some are harmful impact upon the generation. Our young generation is more ecstatic’s to see the new websites. There various ads of games, second life, and publicity of different ads of cartoons gesture are nude. It is big dilemma in our society. Not to speak or raise slogan about these serious issue which is detriment the minds of our young generation. However, Pakistan telecommunications has perceived some obstacles then imposed ban on these websites.

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