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The role of farmers or peasant is very important in societies. Today, we know that Pakistan is an agriculture country. The people of Pakistan are belongs to agriculture Industry proximately (47%) percent. The agriculture industry is a big sector for production. They farmers have been working in the fields and harvesting growing crops in appropriate. The agriculture sector is part and parcel contribution in approximately 2.3% in Growth Development Production for the economy. The farmers are performing their due role in the progress of the country. The entire economy is depending upon farmers cultivations and harvesting. The farmers are growing seeds, cotton, rice, Kinno, sugarcane, Mize, Chemical fertilizer and wheat for cultivation. The farmers are using chemical fertilizer for production of crops. Hence, the farmers are also using cow dung as a fuel. The cow dung is use for fertilizer for increase the production. The farmers are struggling for their cultivation production in hot and dry weather. The purchase of tractors and thresher for the growing fields is detrimental factor for the farmers. The ratio of sales of their production is another issue for the peasant now- a-days.

The ratio of rural population is (6.3%) percent. That why Pakistan is agro based country. It is best irrigation system in Pakistan. The farmers are adopting three self-made methods for irrigation i.e digging the land and fixed water turban and water tunnel. Thirdly, some farmers are using water tube-well for irrigation for the crops. The river system in Pakistan is god gifted. It is very useful impact upon the irrigation and cultivation for the crops. Pakistani peasants are very hard working and well known about agro equipments.

That why government has been given subsidies to the farmers equipments. Moreover, the Zarai-taraqiati-Bank has been given loan to peasant. Even support to the farmers as well helping to purchase tractors, threshers, harvesters and chemical fertilizer etc. No doubt farmers are playing leading role in the agriculture industry as well as progress of the country. That why government has been developed Agriculture University for advance education and research in the field of crops production. The Pakistan Agriculture Research council (PARC) has been working for increase the per capital income of the farmers.

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