Quarantine bring positivity for minorities

(Samia Asim, )

We all are going through this self-quarantine and self-isolation. We are keeping social distance means no friends, no work, no dine out and no social activities,which make us frustrated, bored But that’s essential to prevent these diseases.

I wish this pandemic bring positive change in our understanding for minorities living as acid victims, transgenders, homeless people etc. Who have been deprived of joyful life, care, love and isolated since ages. These plight minorities never be a part of this mainstream society and always being isolated by us. They are visible on the streets but, often ignored by the community they live in.Along with pain of isolation they are confronting many obstacles in job, education,identity, no skills, no institutional support and no social acceptance.In order to make ends meet, they are forced into a life full of risks and hazard.They choose an inappropriate profession which usually lead them to depression and anxiety Which for sure increase the ratio of suicide attempts Additionally, many individuals have taken it up upon themselves and carried out commendable programs for minorities but still there are many people who are living miserable lives.who wants society acceptance to put themselves up, no doubt they just need our good words to pursue their passion. They must have bulk of talents but unfortunately it’s being ignored by the leading people.

Eventually, it’s time to feel their pain who have been isolated by us for no reason.Let's be kind with all the human beings and take a proactive step to remove this discrimination. Everyone has a right to live their life by their way, make decisions, choose their profession.This would definitely bring a positive impact in our society and also help to reduce obscenity and outrageous behavior .We all are suffering due to this pandemic quarantine and loosing people however, we must look into this and open our arm for all of them.

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