From the Beginning of the Corona to the Lockdown


At this time, the corona virus has created a strange situation all over the world, especially in our dear homeland in general. Fear and panic have severely damaged our moral character. Now whether the Corona virus came from China, the US or Iran, anyway! So, this epidemic is spreading like wildfire. Not only China, Italy, the United States, Iran and India but the whole world stands on the brink of disaster today. Thousands of lives have been wasted and every passing moment a new case unfolds. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared Corona a global epidemic and declared a global health emergency.

Today, almost everyone who uses the Internet knows what this virus is. And how does it spread? And in view of its rapid spread, the government's decision to lock down India at the right time is appreciable. We people obsessed the situation in Italy, France, Spain, USA and China. The only way to avoid this virus is isolation or quarantine to observe lockdown, which means restricting yourself at home and to follow WHO protocol. The people should follow the instructions issued by the Government rather than the rumours being spread through myth messages to avoid the confusion / fear from person to person. But alas! It seems more important for our people to enjoy good weather and go out for a picnic. This prosperous elite government is blowing the lockdown case of Jammu and Kashmir, but our poorer people who are most upset at the moment are the people who stay in the house at evening thinking that What would the wife say to the children that they could not earn anything for them even today and they might still have to sleep on an empty stomach?

It’s a bunch of hits from everyone who still seems to be kidding the virus. For a moment, those who thought that our doctors, nurses, Para-medical staff, police and our brave volunteers were at stake put their lives at stake. Islam also calls for isolation to prevent the spread of pestilence. Yet despite the fact that our people have given millions of security measures and even to government agencies, the media and even the scholars, the seriousness of this epidemic is being neglected and endangering the lives of not only their own but also their dear ones.

Just be aware as a citizen of a decent Islamic state, follow the instructions of the government and public institutions. Save yourself and others. People can move forward and help the needy. This is your chance to rectify your actions in this Holly month of Ramadan.

May Allah Almighty please us and save us from this calamity.

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