Pakistan's neglected Social Sector

(Dr.Syed Mehboob, Karachi)

Pakistan is a rich country in terms of its natural resources. Its more than sixty percent population consists of youth and if they have been provided access to quality education , training facilities, growth environment and meritorious system they can turn Pakistan to a develop, prosperous and dignified country. Unfortunately human development and social sector was abysmally neglected by successive governments and Pakistan not only lag behind from developed nations but is at the bottom in South Asian region. Although with 233.5 million people it is the fifth largest populous country in the world but when we see it in terms of social development, education and health facilities our heads bow down with shame as our country is at the lowest in terms of spending on health and education.
In 2018-19 total enrollment in all the education was 53.03 million.
Institutions enrollment in institutions in million
Pre Primary 13.06
Primary 23.88
Middle 7.62
High 4.10
Higher Secondary 1.84
Degree 0.48
Technical/vocational 0.47
Universities 1.57
About 19.7 million drops out from primary to High school education which is 82.83 percent of the total enrollment in primary education. Those who enroll in primary education their only 6.57 percent reaches at universities. Following is the comparison of Pakistan's literacy rate with other countries of the South Asian region

country % of literacy rate
Sri Lanka 92
India 74
Bangladesh 74
Nepal 68
Pakistan 60

Pakistan failed Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of UNO in 2015 which set the target of 100 % primary enrollment. Agian Pakistan set a target of 100 % enrollment in primary education both for girls and boys till 2030.
Institutions in Pakistan in 2018-19
Primary Middle High Higher Sec Colleges Technical Universities
172,200 47,800 31,200 5,300 1,700 3,800 186
These institutions are under government sector there are many private institutions but about 60 million Pakistanis are factory workers or daily wagers and they cannot afford to send their children in private schools. Province wise literacy rate is given below
Province % of literacy rate
Punjab 72
KPK 66
Sindh 56
Balochistan 40
Despite having the highest rate of urbanization, the low literacy rate in Sindh is probably shows the abysmal condition in rural sindh. Sindh once was the center of knowledge and research and was leading to Muslim ummah. Therefore it is dire need to pay attention towards desperate situation of education in Sindh and education emergency should be declared.
Institutions % of enrolment
Primary 66
Middle 38
Higher 27
It is unfortunate that about two million children are out of school.
Similarly like education health situation is also critical in Pakistan. Till yet 100 percent immunization of children can not be achieved.
Province % of immunization in children
Punjab 81
KPK 62
Sindh 50
Balochistan 30

Amid Covid 19 situation is more serious and social sector is more affected and it seems that poverty level is increasing and due to foreign and internal debt government would not be able to invest requisite resources in social sector to improve the health and education. Till 2nd May, 2020 about 18, 000 corona affected patients had been discovered and in 24 hours alone more than 1200 patients has been discovered. If there were no welfare organizations like Akhuwat, Alkhidmat, Alamgir Welfare, Baitus Salam the situation would be worst but thanks to organizations like these who have a highly disciplined, well organized and God fearing volunteers who are doing excellent job in providing relief to suffering ones and protecting them from hunger.

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