Campaign for the revival of libraries

(Muhammad Saleem Baloch, Karachi)

According to research data. There are 3,618 public libraries (including mobile libraries) in the UK. And there are more than nine thousand libraries in the United Kingdom as per 2016 survey. No doubt that libraries play a pivotal role in the progress of any nation and support literacy development. In our glorious past Baghdad was the hub of learning as the whole city stretched with libraries and the books from Greek and other languages texts were translated in great number. At that time research was going on in many fields and Muslim scholars were leading in many prominent areas. This golden age was brought to a swift end by Genghiz Khan in 12th century. This fall of Baghdad resulted in the loss of libraries with rare and precious books which were thrown into the water of the river and this further changed the colour of water. The question is: Why did the forces of Genghiz Khan, after decimating the masses, attacked the libraries and destroyed the books? Wasn't mass killing enough to be victor? The answer is no: Because they knew that only annihilation of masses wouldn't serve their purpose but Muslims' real secret of success lied in their knowledge, which means, books in the libraries. If we look at the history of the west, then we also see that before the renaissance in 14th century, they were also living in the abyss of ignorance what was called as dark age. Means, they took enlightenment from the Greeks and Muslim scholars' work and came out of their centuries long miseries.

Now if we see how many libraries do we have in our area, city and then in the whole country? How many of us visit libraries in a month? How many of us have the membership of any library in our city? These are the questions we all know the answers very well. Today the west is ruling by their power of knowledge. Knowledge, which was once our legacy. To revive our glorious past, we have to revive our libraries. Only then we can survive and thrive in the present era. As Nelson Mandela once quoted rightly,"
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

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