“PIA, need surgery”

(Najeem Shah, )

PIA is one of the oldest airlines in the country, originally established in 1946 as "Orient Airways", and after the formation of Pakistan in 1955 it was formally started as Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). Despite being Pakistan's oldest airline, PIA's service and maintenance system was severely neglected. Compared to other airlines in the world, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is not performing as well as it should be.

Emirates Airlines was launched in 1985. The important aspect is that Emirates Airlines was started with two aircraft, pilot and crew of Pakistan Airlines PIA. And now the situation is that Emirates is not only the largest airline in the Middle East but also considered reliable all over the world due to its excellent facilities. Emirates Airlines currently has 300 of the best aircraft operating in 159 airports around the world. Emirates Airlines operates 3,600 flights a week, but to date the airline has not had an accident in which precious human lives have been lost, except for a minor accident that occurred in August 2016. The accident happened while a passenger plane coming from India was trying to land at Dubai Airport. The plane caught fire but no one was killed in the crash.

Compared to Emirates, PIA operates about 700 flights a week on 56 domestic and international routes. Not only that, but the PIA also has a history of plane crashes with massive loss of life. The main task of the Civil Aviation Authority is not only to bring about rapid and modern change in aviation but also to make its importance known globally, however the frequent crashes of PIA planes are raising many questions. Given this tragic history of accidents, while there is a need to improve aircraft maintenance procedures in Pakistan, it is also important to address the shortcomings in airport control procedures and systems, as well as the surgery of the national airline. PIA officials should also act responsibly and professionally, not only to make the airline a profitable company and brand for the world, but also to make it a popular airline in the world.

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آپ کی رائے
Great work but you need to improve your English, Sir. I suggest you write articles and columns in Urdu as it is our national language and it would be easy for people to understand it.
By: Muhammad Rehan Ul Haq, Azad Kashmir on Jun, 05 2020
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