Charismatic Personality

(Ayesha Ahmad, Peshawar)

“Personality” - a unit of English language referring to the amalgamation of one’s traits and performances. It encompasses a body’s approach, tactics, demeanor and to what extent is he / she minding their p’s and q’s. One’s liveliness, delicacy, frame of mind, psyche and temper are the basic elements that accounts for it.

Beyond the shadow of doubt, every human being is coveted to be an alluring mass, wants their presence to be missed when are away and desires to be a welcoming persona in a gathering.

Shedding light on the aspects grounding predominantly for a perfect personality.
From my standpoint, significantly “act with decorum” needs to be the statute of one’s life. Desisting oneself of unrefined and loutish conduct, adopting a courteous and gracious behaviour, well it does not obligate one to go for blandishments but to communicate with a genteel demeanor, try to be a sympathetic ear, hearing from others and giving reassurance / hope, speaking less but shrewdly.

Unfailingly keen for lending a helping hand, providing comfort to the weakened, honoring and showing submissiveness to the elders and benevolence to the youngsters (without considering their alliance with oneself), being honest with colleagues and above all endorse a humble nature and be meeker when aggrandized.

A well-groomed personality demands for developing a distinct quality of holding back oneself from pointing out others flaws, instead notices their pleasant singularities.
Acting reasonably and comporting oneself with decency. Abstaining from callow manners and speaking with a higher pitch or a harsher tone in the presence of elders, absorbing hostile and unfriendly words from others, giving up with short-tempered nature sides with ideal self-hood.

Next to this, becoming educated flourishes one’s in-bred traits along with ripening the oddities.
A cultured and schooled mass is broad minded, has a great deal of knowledge and a virtue of intellect that sets up the mind to think vastly rather than acting rashly and without prudence.
They are beings with social graces, have a redeeming feature of staying up-to-date, have constructive notions and advocates for positiveness where possible.

One of the determinants often overlooked is getting dressed to the nines. Gussied up in an appropriate way i.e accordant to one’s status and pertinent to the event clocked in.

Besides the innate idiosyncrasies, many virtues can be upgraded intending to display a perfect self-identity. Thus if the prior-mentioned characteristics are enacted in an evenhandedly manner, thus redounds to an awe-inspiring personality tendency.


Considerably having to discourse on the personality attributes of an exemplary physiotherapist.
Sufferers undergoing physical therapeutics treatment is typically a prolonged remedy. Therefore, they have usually ripened a cranky and grouchy temper.

Painting a picture of the distinct attributes, first and foremost peculiarity, the grad of the DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy) degree is required to have oneself advanced in is that of “Patience & Cooperation”.
The vexing mannerism of the patient will definitely provoke the specialist, in such situation the latter, with regard to their profession has to go for repressing oneself from being steamed up.

Besides the the above-stated characteristics, the rehab specialist needs to have a muffled and soft-toned speech in the view to have a calming impact on the patient.

A patient assuredly will have evolved enfeeblement and lowness by virtue of lost vigor. In this phase of applying and working out various physical therapeutics, a physiotherapist ought to be devotee and enshroud the weaknesses and sore points of the victim.

Conclusively a physiotherapist, has to maintain a smiley face.

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