Distance between you and us

(Lareb Aslam, sukkur)

When I was little, I assumed that Allah Pak lives on sky and the voice of azan which come to my ears have been called on sky by Angels. As I grew up I became passionate about to search him, nimble that from now I have to search him ,I confined myself towards him ,the affinity of him persisted me to search him and after finding him I wanted to see him palpable. With the passage of time as my research increased and I became younger I came to know that the distance between me and him is no more because I found him even more near to my jugular vein then I started to talk to him, its staggered that I have started receiving the answers of my questions. I completely surrender myself towards him I promised that from now come what may I have to just be on my path ,I won’t let anybody to misguide me. Then time has made such circumstances when some people came in my life in the shape of friends. I don’t know why I started to derail from my path but even in those conditions I had believe that there is something good for me because I know the capacity of my mind to understand his will is just like a miniscule, I know there was something consequential to learn. I come to know that there is only one hand-hold that never break. There is only one place where we lay our dependencies. There is only one relationship that defines our self-worth and only one source from which to seek our ultimate happiness ,fulfillment and security and that place is God . we are told in Qurr’an ;whoever rejects evil and believe in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand hold that never breaks, and he hears and knows all the things (Qurr’an 2.256).

Allhamdullila I had believed him from the core of my heart that’s the reason why he didn’t let me go. Here the lesson is to make your believe concrete so that whatever the situation will be he will never ever will leave u whatever it takes. Then I come to know that Allah can never ever do any unfair thing to us, even whatever the transgression we commit, whenever fall in desperation, whenever we make our minds out of the hopes and create not only doubtful but also negative thoughts ourselves. Allah is still with us he blessed us all the best, but we can’t ever understand his will. There is nothing which is impossible near to him, there is everything possible even at the last moment, but the condition is that we have to make our believe strong on him. Don’t let the negativity to suppress you just be prudent. You are at your best place because Allah has chosen it for u ,for me ,for everyone, tell me can your mother ever try to do any unfair thing for u I hope your answer will be Not at all, then how can u think that Allah can do any unfair thing with you. If you are not getting something so it doesn’t mean you are a loser it means the thing is not able for you it can be a thing or a person, something more special is being plain for you , be satisfied with your present , past and future. Nix all the delusions because a false hopes and negativity are just in your mind remember there is everything possible at the place of Allah.(lareb Aslam)

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