Unknown Hero

(Duaa Hanif, karachi)

My story is about unknown hero of our life. Our life is all about struggle. We always tried our best. Always do our best. Sometime we get success but sometimes we failed. we get success we give credit to ourselves sometimes we give credit to our luck. But you know who is the real hero of our life. He is the hero of our all ups and down. Our all luck and success. He the creator of everything. He is AR-RAHMAAN. He is AR-RAHEEM. Our real life hero is GOD I call him ALLAH.

It does not matter what you call him either you call him Allah or baghwan or whatever you want. He is always with you. He always follow you. He loves you no matter how sinner you are. When you will call him he always answer you.

Sometimes you think he is not with you but believe me he is always with you. He loves you more than your parents. Just think if he will not say “be” so where we are. He help us in our daily routine. He bless us many blessings. Money, children parents, physical and mental ability all blessings come from God. He give us countless blessings. He is the unknown hero of our all life. Hero who not help us in only good time or in good work. He stop us every bad sin infact sometimes he does not give us chance of not doing bad I think it is the greatest blessing.

He just want patience, shukar and our best. He says just tried. So our work is just do our work not judge anyone because he is AR-RAHMAAN.

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