Surah Yusuf (12 ),87 " />

Suicide Is Not An Option "

(Sadia Ijaz Hussain, Lahore,University of Education)

" Suicide Is Not An Option "
" Be Brave And Fight "
" Let your body return to Allah by permissible way "

Your body is welcomed on the earth when Allah want you to start your journey and it is also Allah who calls us back .You departure on the journey by the orders of Allah , you are going towards the journey is also by the orders of Allah , Allah gives us the choice to live in this world by doing good deeds or by wrong deeds . By doing permissible things or by impermissible things, it is up to us but in the end if Allah wants us to become good person we will and if we astray it is because of our bad deeds and Allah knows what we are going to do as He is our Creator. He is so great that he let us to ask for His forgiveness , He gives us time to repent but if we will not then in the world and after the world we have to answer our deeds.

The body that is given by Him has also specific time in the world to live , it will return to Allah it doesn't matter we want death or not .So the better way to return to Allah is by permissible way , Suicide is impermissible in Islam and this act is not a good act in Islam .Allah says Never give up the hope of Allah 's mercy .
As in Quran :
"Never give up hope of Allah ' s Mercy .Certainly no one is despair of Allah's Mercy , except the people of disbelieve "
Surah Yusuf (12 ),87

First people die from inside ,
They hang because of desire !
Mind is depressed and died,
Body is tired of rational fight!
But Dears! Suicide is sign of coward,
Take a sword and jump in field of struggle !
Not with others but with your own ,
That's how you resolve the crises by mentally grow!
Live peacefully and don't fight with words ,
You may suffer someone who struggle inner !
Believe in Allah and let things to resolve ,
Your positive attitude is your hope!

Suicide is happened when someone dies inside ,When someone hope dies inside , When emotions are at their extreme that person doesn't know how to escape from it , When the reality doesn't confirm dreaming plans , When emotions are so depressed even the body wants to escape .The brutality that suffer the minds drag the people to commit suicide which is not a solution , tell your self escaping is not a solution , to harm yourself is not a solution , to kill yourself is not a solution , be brave , be a fighter who fights within , how much you bear will ultimate return to you as reward but before it! You have to be brave , You have to learn to survive .Remember! if you remember and call Allah in anxiety all your pessimist thoughts will end .Allah always encourages us. Remember that! we are not alone the Creator is with us so never let yourself to feel alone . Don’t be hopeless , never take a step towards wrong thing.

Be grateful for what you have , be courageous not from outside but from inside, you have to be brave , keep struggling not for money but for satisfaction , not for competition but for uniqueness , work on your mental approach , on your mentality , on your thinking approach , let your soul and body to live healthy .You are so important for this world so don’t abuse your importance by doing such wrong things like suicide.

You are the one who knows your weakness and positive point better than anyone else so work on it .Don't panic for the things that are not in your control. The biggest fault and thinking that I realized is that humans think that they can do whatever they want ,they neglect the superpower Allah who is creator of all the universe without His orders nothing is going to happen. His plans are best for you .You have to admit that by appreciating his decisions for you , by admiring and accepting his choices for you . So mustered up some courage and be grateful for the blessing you have and never ever commit suicide , you are very important for this world , for your family and your beloved one’s .Allah loves you more than anyone else so return to Him by permissible way.
Writer Sadia IH

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