Holy Appearance of beloved Aaqa Hazrat Muhammad PBUH and His beautiful recalls

(Imran Mehmood, Rawalpindi)

Imran Mehmood

We have not yet understand the beautiful creatures and awesome scenes of the world. However, the human being is used to be said the best creature among all the seen and unseen creatures. And in the whole creature, the causation for the creation of all creatures, Hazrat Muhammad PBUH is best among all. No one Prophet came like Him before His arrival, not in His presence neither can come till the day of the judgment. His personality was outstanding and matchless. We all have so much gone busy in our lives that we don't know about our Prophet PBUH. We don't have real identification of him. Let’s remember by heart, the Holy appearance of our beloved Prophet PBUH and keep it in our minds forever.

He had glowing face; beautifully created with round cheeks. His face was radiant like glowing moon of 14th. His head was beautiful. His hairs were not straight, not curly; were in between these which express attraction. Mostly, He used to comb with center stripe. His hairs were long till the lower tip of the ears. His forehead was capacious. His eyes were large, long and beautiful. His eye brows were arched and not joined. The eye lashes were long. In eyes, dark part was immensely dark and white was excessively white. His eyes had always natural Collyrium. There was light and attraction in His eyes. When He used to raise His eyes, no one had power to see Him in complete due to glow in His beautiful eyes. His lips were pinkish and stunningly made. Teeth were in proper roundness, much white and shining like pearls. When He used to smile, a light comes out of His teeth. His beard was beautiful and thick. There were 14 or 20 white hairs in His beard and head which he used to color with Mehndi or Khazaab. His neck was gracefully long and neat & clean. His chest was broad. There were no hairs on His body. There was a thin line of hairs raising from middle of His chest and ending at His navel. There were also very few hairs on His wrist. His arms were long, fingers were also long and straight. His palm was spacious. His stature was straight. Chest and belly were equal. Feet were very delicate. His sweats smells more beautiful than any perfume of the world. He was the final example of modesty. He used to walk by bowing his shoulders due to His humbleness. He taught the lesson of humbleness to the mankind and also said that Allah will humiliate those who used to be arrogant. (Implied from Hadith)

Whenever, He called any one, He never used single finger, He used whole hand to call the people. As He saw in front of Him, similarly He could see what is happening in back of Him, this was also His miracle. The people wanted to see Him time and again as the hearts demanded for looking Him all the time. But actually there was no power in the eyes of any one to see Him. His voice has magic with natural echo. When he used to be silent, the dignity covered Him. And when He used to speak, his words were audible and clear with sweet level of logic; easy to understand. He was most prominent and outstanding in appearance and handsome of all. He was not too tall, nor was very short, He was of a medium stature but it was His miracle that in any gathering, He used to be the tallest person. The poet said very beautifully:
-The Allah affirms of whom, what a beautiful and attractive He would be
Hazrat Ayesha RA narrated that when women saw Hazrat Yousaf AS, they used to cut their hands and fingers by seeing His beauty, if they would see my beloved Prophet PBUH, I swear by Allah, they would had cut their hearts.

Hazrat Abu Ruraira RA said my eyes did not seen anyone, anyone more handsome than Him.

Hazrat Ayesha RA said that I was sewing clothes, I lost needle. It was dark due to time of evening. Hazrat Muhammad PBUH entered the home, the room got lightened and I found needle by the radiance of his face.

Imam Qurtbi RA reported that full beauty and elegance of the Prophet PBUH has not been made manifest, otherwise; it would not have been possible for human being to even behold and look at his beauty for a single moment.

We are so much cruel that we being unfaithful, forgot our beloved Prophet PBUH. Let’s promise that we will always remember our Prophet PBUH who never forget us for even a single moment. By acting upon these, we will soon blessed to see our Prophet PBUH and also get his intercession, if Allah wills.

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