Mental Health In COVID_19

(Aqsa qayoom, Khairpur)

Novel corona virus muted the world. It stuck all international or national economical, social, political and domestic relations around the world. Every other company, organization, government sectors, non-government sectors and other important departments are at the level of dangerous catastrophe. This increases the mental trauma in humans because of stopped work of offices, closed general shops and other different stores except the food markets. The people who were at daily wages are more disappointed by this lock down. They get depression, anxiety, and sadness in their minds for lack of food and necessary groceries for their survival. But on other hand those people who are employees and government servants living a bit good as compare to poor people. Simultaneously all the people are into domestic violence. The live example of European states, according to their report there are many cases reported on domestic violence in between husband and wife and moreover the cases of divorce. By this lock down and staying home we can protect ourselves from the virus but some results are speaking something very terrible. Pakistan is also facing such unwanted news of this violence in homes, because of pressure, tension, stress and being in this difficult time. Either they are children with parents or parents by themselves all are arguing, abusing cause this type of situation they are facing first time in their entire life.

By protecting ourselves from this virus, we may escape from this disease but on other side we are also having such mental disorders in human beings.

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