The planet earth is terminating all the chores

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The planet earth is terminating all the chores

Epidemic global emergency

An incredible social responsibility derives through existence of a prosperous public player

Epidemic virus tightens its grip all over the globe. Unfortunately, the planet earth is terminating all the chores. This bloodcurdling virus has became resistant and the world with all its technology and development is bound to fastened people in their home. Almost, whole world is underneath this dreadful virus. This epidemic has stopped the running world. The cities are deserted even the world's superpowers have become helpless to control it. From influential nations till endurance nations, everyone is taking precautionary measurements. It would not be wrong to say that every nation is fighting for its survival against this virus. Despite so much technology and development, we failed to prevent the tragic deaths from growing and forced people to stay in their homes. There is a chaos across the globe. This Disease is creating anxiety among people and a lot of people's are in financial emergency. People have been financially inclined to fight for the survival of their lives with the virus. Whereas, the world's richest people and countries are donating and helping us in this crucial time.They are providing financial, medical instuments and other helping resourses to fight against this panademic virus. On the other hand, this is a shameful and disgraceful that people of our country are offereing sales, discounts, free home deleivery services for selling their products. Seizing the opportunity and earning money, which shows a self-centered attidute. All the social media is fully charged up with opporunitists either its food, clothes, books, educational organizations and other componenets. Exploaiting such a difficult stuiation and taking advantages without realizing the life risk of their workers who are being exploited by these powerful forces for the sake of money which they get end of the month to fulfill their survival needs. No matter, this epidemic virus is creating financial and economic crises for the people of our country but still we need to look carefully the sensitivity of the emergency and has to show ourselves as a responsible citizens. Act as a mature, think beyond ourselves, work for the country, not just for ourselves.

This is how, incredible social responsibility derives through the existence of a prosperous public. The government is doing its job, but the most imporatnat what is our duty as a nation. Do our part to fulfill our social responsibility. It is imperative that every individual or organization accepts social responsibility and a moral obligation to help others in this crisis. Let us step forward with a huge heart and play a social role. Indeed, social responsibility is an ethical framework. It advocates that an entity, be it an organization or individual that has an obligation to act for the benefit of society altogether.
 Turn off stocking
 Every affording individual can take financial responsibility at least for one person
 Don’t make too much profit.
 Don’t increase the prices.
 Stop layoff the employees and give them a sense of job security
 Cooperate with government and people
 If you donot have immediate needs, do not sell or buy products on sale and discount to further exploite the crisis. It will be there for you today, tomorrow, the day after and beyond.

It is understood that it will have profound effect on people’s lives, cutomers and business owners as well, but it will take each one of us to do our part to limit the transmission of this virus and show social responsibility as a great nation.

We can pray that God protect us from this trial.

Stay safe stay live!

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