Financial Aid vs Serviceable Aid

(Areeba Siddiqui, Karachi)

All over the globe there are many world wide organizations that are playing a great role as a helping hand to the underprivileged countries. Underdeveloped countries definitely need support to establish themselves on a higher note to provide all the basic needs for their people. Whereas many public advocates are dwelling on what's more important for evaluating the country; either the financial aid or the practical aid.

In the modern century there are many countries who are crying for monetary help by the fully developed ones to solve the myriad number of issues faced by the citizens on a daily basis. The discussion can go a long way but discussing some major problems in which the most important thing is the lack of food, an integral part to living. People can't survive without food at any cost whether they belong to a flourished country or a native of a demolished one. Governments of these countries certainly need help without a second thought to access complete sanitation, food and clean water. The second most important is the fundamental infrastructures. The broken roadways, railways that are not completely compatible and the public transportation that is meant to help the people is actually the ultimate way for their inconvenience. Emergent countries that are trying to cope up with the world in terms of essentials require financial support by external links to overcome the circumstances as they can then complete the unfinished projects and can also take the step towards revolutionary developments.
In order to fulfill these necessities, the executives need funds from foreign resources. As a report stated by WHO (World Health Organization), "88% of growing states seek help from the funds from the World bank." As a result, billions of people from across the equator are able to get foundational facilities.

Yet, this may not be enough along with the financial support the administration also asks for the practical aid and advice.
Whereas money sanctioned by world agencies for rise is not always consumed for righteous purpose but the endowment if consigned is manipulated by corrupt politicians for their own personal interests. Therefore the matters like corruption, scams, etc are also the underlying factors that affect the country. Providing the correct advice and serviceable support might help them boost their economy rate.

Covid-19 Pandemic
As this is a well known situation every country is facing at the moment of this pandemic all the sovereign states need to unite into a single unit to help each other out with the loss and undesirable situation as providing a spoonful is the only way to deal with the difficulty. No matter whether a part of a financially stable country or a member of the developing country we all need to amalgamate as no one should be left behind, specially the one already fighting a battle with the basic needs for their people.

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