Children, teacher, parents and system

(Aqsa qayoom, Khairpur)

What really this is ?

If you ask a child about his aim he/ she probably shows some big dreams as per expected we see, about being doctor, engineer, teacher, officer and so on, but ever you realize they never say, I want to become a murderer, a robber, a cirminal, a theif and others.. but we have now arround us these all. Its difficult for me to examine why this is so ?

Lets start from the beginning.
When child is going school, of course, teacher will say You are like my own kid but they really mean it or just show they do ? After this does teachers really teach what students actually need or just they want to fill up their reputation by completing the so old course ? Moreover students have that much wanted environment in their schools with their fellow mates and other members of school or just they are for their on for just a 9 to 5 duty ?
Its not a blame to teacher or on students or even not on schools but the system we build for educational manners.

Apart from school the other learning place home.
Most of couples want baby to make their lives stable and happy is the kids are tools to fix their miserable lives or maybe not all do this same,
Secondly if you have a kid or kids are parents really ready to grow up? Mostly we have seen kids are afraid of being taunt or word abuse by parents if they try something new and they break or damage something? Isn't kill kids creativity and hits their mental health? Kids or students always follow the examples of their teachers and their parents rather than their advices.

Last thing maybe this would heavy to digest but 80% of parents and students learn to know how to bring up kids.

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