10 – Major Challenges faced by Public School

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Challenges are the part of life as each and every person faces challenges. Some people dissolve the challenges and some resolve. Public Sector Schools also face many challenges day after day. Generally, they face fund related challenges. The following are the ten major challenges faced by the Public Sector Schools.
1. Lack of Fund: One of the major challenges that is faced by the Public Schools is lack of funding. The public sector schools have lower fund, but their expenditure is always on the high end on account of the increasing number of students, teachers and other faculty members as well as high-raising administrative expenses.
2. Lack of zeal, professional and trained teachers. The Public Sector Schools always face shortage of zeal, professional and trained teachers due to low packages given by Public Sector Schools to their teachers and faculty members. Due to lack of professional teachers, students are taught by way of rhetoric instead of plainspoken or unrhetorical approach.
3. Lack of faculty members: There are always shortages of faculty members / teachers in the public sector schools. On account of this, some classes or periods are empty from teachers or teaching that hurts students in getting proper classes.
4. Lack of competitive approach: Generally, it has been witnessed that there is no competitive approach in public sector schools as students of these schools are not trained according to the market approaches.
5. Lack of Safety Measures: Lack of Safety Measures is also an issue of public sector schools on account of this parents feel their concern for the safety of their children. In the present circumstances, the safety issue has become one of the core problem for the public sector schools which must be addressed by their management.
6. Political Phenomena: The political phenomena are also challenges in the public sector schools that are hurting the peace of the education environment. The political phenomena also make students much rude due to which they do not respect their teachers even don’t care for their fellows.
7. Imperfect Examination Structure: Imperfect Examination Structure is also a challenge faced by the public schools owing to this, students do not take interest in their studies rather than deeply trust on cheating and undue approaches in the examination.
8. Parents Teachers Involvement: It is witnessed that the parents of the students of public sector schools do not take an interest in the home-assignments / study of their children. They do not like to have meetings with the teachers of the students. Resultantly, no interaction between teachers and students can be made also the teachers do not care for their students.
9. Victimization and Discrimination: Due to lack of accountability in the public sector schools, students are involved in victimization and discrimination which deeply hurts their fellow students.
10. Passiveness and inconsistency: Passiveness and inconsistency are prevailing in the public sector schools leading declines in the integrity and quality of education. Due to lack of quality in education in the public sector schools, the education sector is facing hardships in producing the knowledgeable and skilled forces in the country. The approach of passiveness and inconsistency has raised the short-cut-tendency amongst the students.

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