Woman claims race is why she was kicked off American Airlines flight

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Womens Claims Airlines

She told Local 10 News’s Layron Livingston that she thought it was a racial issue.

According to its conditions of carriage, American Airlines declares that “offensive clothing” is not allowed.

Arlinda Johns told Livingston that she boarded her flight wearing a mask. Because of what was written on it, he was asked to hide it. She did it.

A few minutes later, the plane in which she was about to take off turned around, returned to the departure gate, and she was escorted out of that plane.

“I think I got off the plane because I’m black,” Johns said. “My mask said ‘[F***] 12 ‘and my shirt said:’ Black Lives Matter. ”

Most people know her as Tray, she’s an activist from South Florida. The mask is a reference to the police.

“I am an abolitionist,” she said. “I believe we have to dismantle and abolish the police. “

She explained that she was sitting in her seat, wearing a new mask, when the flight attendant approached her again.

“She came back and stood up and said, ‘I’d better not see that other mask,’” Johns explained. “I said, ‘Leave me alone, lady.’ She stood there, she said, ‘Okay, I got you.’

Johns said the flight attendant’s speed walked to the front of the plane, and that’s when she pulled out her phone and started recording.
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