NUML squeezing students demanding extra fee charges

(A Worried Student, Karachi)

Through your esteemed column, I would like to bring the attention of the authorities concerned that National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Karachi campus has added 1000 rupee extra charges under the name of sports in semester fee. This has happened at a time when the pandemic corona virus has already broken the back of most people. Some lost their businesses, some lost their jobs and even some faced deduction in their salaries. On the other hand, University of Karachi in view of the scenario has not only waived off late fee of current semester but also has waived 50 per cent late fee of the last semester. Also, facility of fee installments as per students’ ease is reported in the university. In this regard, I request the authorities concerned to help ease the burden of the students in the pandemic and take serious notice of fee-rise and extra charges by NUML so that those having real issues to pay their fee may continue their education.

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