Real man will offer you Marriage

(Maida Maqsood, Sialkot)

Only a real man will offer you Marriage
A washout loser will only offer you Zina:

Dating is HARAM.Chatting with non-Mahram is HARAM... Simply think for some time, if you somehow managed to die at the present time, this is the state where you're going to see your Allah. You didn't confide in Him to discover you your man. You didn't put stock in Him??? You didn't adore Him enough to surrender haram. You picked another person over Him. Do you genuinely trust it's going to work out without His favors? You may wanna make it halal in the end, however who guaranteed you tomorrow? Regardless of whether our motivation (target) is respectable we CANNOT utilize haram sources to reach there. (for example we can't give noble cause from taken cash, we can't engage in extramarital relations to get hitched, and so on). So why visiting, dating, tattling, kinship with non-mahram?

When Zina enters into the body of a kindred person , it is incredibly hard to dispose of it . Zina is addictive. At the point when you start , you barely stop. Also, it is risky. All that you contact , Allah expels Barakah from it.

Indeed, even companions who tail you , Allah evacuates their Barakah. At the point when you acquire cash , it completes as though fire eats it. Consistently you are in this issue or the other.

Your heart will never settle. On the off chance that you seek after Zina for a mind-blowing remainder, without a doubt Zina will slaughter you .

What's more, on the off chance that you bite the dust as a philanderer, scarcely you see light. On the off chance that Allah wishes, He can support you. Ultimately, individuals who submit Zina considerably after they got hitched, they keep on doing it. For what reason do you think individuals cheat in relationships?

Since they occupied with the demonstration directly from starting. May Allah shield our reproductive organs from commiting Haram.

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