Rape and Mentality

(Duaa hanif, karachi)

I am sad, devastated and hopeless by the recent events happening in Pakistan.

First a little girl of only 5 year of age named Marwah first kidnapped, then raped and burned and finally dumped on a pile of trash like she was trash. Second, a transgender passed before reaching the hospital due to six bullet fire. Third, a woman, a mother, a wife is raped in front of her kids on Lahore motorway.

Just read again and think where are we going as a nation?

I just read many posts on social media and especially comments sections. People leave comments they are why parents leave 6-year daughter alone. Why girls wear tights, jeans etc . why women are without her husband or mahram. Just take one second and think instead of Marwah or the women who raped in motorway if it is your daughter or your sister or your wife. Will you say the same?

How long will we blame victim not the culprit? We are double standard people we just show our anger towards weak please if you don’t have a heart if you don’t feel sad for them then stay silent don’t use rubbish words or useless words towards the victim or victim family like if you wear rights clothes then no one can do anything to you. Common man I saw a ladies in full hijab and man are looking at them also. It is not a matter of clothes it’s the matter of our mentality. In the recent event of motorway raped case, CCPO f Lahore said why a woman is travelling alone in that part of the nigh. He is the CCPO of Lahore, not a random person that one person shows the mentality of our nation. Social networking sites comments also shows our mentality. we don’t blame or punish culprit just we cursed the victim and forcefully feel the victim you are the reason. Your actions, your clothes your independence is the major reason.

Why rape cases are increased in Pakistan? Just think why?

Because we don’t address this issue. Address even we don’t want to talk about this issue because we feel shame to such type of discussion and secondly after every single rape we blame women and educate women how to live or how to defend yourself we don’t teach a man not to do rape. We don’t punish the rapist. We don’t research what are the reasons what mentality of a rapist.


Please raise your voice against a rapist. Raise your voice for the punishment of rapist if you don’t raise the voice now than by the pass the time me, your daughter, your wife, your sister will be the victims like Zainab,like Marwah. Please raise your voice for yourself.

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