The Culture Exchange

(Aqsa Habiba, Karachi)

Cultural exchange is sharing different ideas, traditions, and knowledge with someone who may be coming from a completely different background than your own,
Culture is important cause provide an opportunity to explore other cultures, traditions, customs, beliefs, societies, languages and much more. Hence, such opportunities make you view the world with a different lens. This provides alternative perspectives! It broadens one's horizons and increases the tendency of acceptance.

In addition to its intrinsic value, culture provides important social and economic benefits. With improved learning and health, increased tolerance, and opportunities to come together with others, culture enhances our quality of life and increases overall well-being for both individuals and communities

Cooking and sharing a meal together is one of the easiest ways to share culture and is the most popular way families and au pairs bond. Encourage your au pair to share their favorite recipes and be sure to include them in your family meals... Culture exchange means give and take we can give what our culture offer and taking things we can learn from other culture so this is two way process. It really means and We are supposed to know about real people of world also we can promote our Pakistan's real people to around the world like QUID E AZAM, ALLAMA IQBAL , SHAH ABDIL LATIF LAL, such more people this is also called culture exchange and Some of us Not the lucky to travel places or to know places so we should have a little window of cultures we should gain knowledge from the social media world.

When you experience a different culture through educational and cultural exchange you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and you can become a very positive person after the experiment new cultures

*The really important thing in cultures is respect* Not the just teach but Make people understand difference and respect every culture, we are just expecting from people to respect our culture, but we never figure it out how much we respect other's cultures so do it first and let learn your kids to know and respect cultures.

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