Theoratical Analysis of Global economic system in the context of pakistan

(Afzal saba, Karachi)

Economic system of a country describes the direction of progress of the country. To make their country economically stable, economic experts take valuable steps that sometimes amazingly bring positive results, but sometimes, its results really cause to lose the hopes of the people. In this article, we will describe the global economic system in the context of Pakistan where economic conditions in different periods, its ups and downs, reasons and effects of the changes.

It makes my heart bleed by considering the current situations of Pakistan where we are in a blind alley. I am all ears but cannot hear. I am all the tongue but cannot speak. Because Bacha Khan said that if we demand the accountability from judge then that would be the condemn of court, if we demand accountability from MOLVI then we will be labeled as infidel and if we demand accountability from a General then you will be traitor in this country. Anyway, it is also my compulsion that I am compelled in this matter to talk about the aforementioned personalities. The best option is therefore to criticize the politicians in Pakistan.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, when he came in Power, he was in full swing. He talked much about poor, but it was all moonshine. He promised to improve the life standard of the man of the street (Poor) first. The first improvement was seen by the poor in the form of the increasing tax imposition. After that, it was seen by increasing the price of medicine and in the form of sugar and flour crisis due to the influence of Mafia that are in the power. Is this the PM’s slogan of Change and Naya Pakistan? I think, PM is nothing now, it is his nears and dears, who pull the strings.

Unfortunately, now it has become very difficult for the poor to keep the body and soul together after the corona virus outbreak. Karl Marx said that natural disaster is a cause of fatality especially for poor (proletarians) but some people (bourgeoisies) take advantage of this opportunity. All the shops were out of the masks when the first case of corona virus was reported in Pakistan. Opportunists are doing their job very well till now whether it is related to mask, flour or sugar crisis. In this way, inflation would be increased by the influential elites of the society. As per my perspective, inflation means “the poor, who earns his living by the sweat of his brow goes directly or indirectly into the pocket of rich people”.

In this connection, prices of medicine are increasing because the medical industries in Pakistan are dominated by the people who are in power. Sugar and flour mills and industries have also been facing the same situation. In which industry, where the poor are dominating? Because it is the problem of structure or system, which has been designed by the elites with such kind of way where the gap between poor and rich is increasing.

Poor can never dominate, and this gap is increasing so fast by living within the system where poor are becoming poorer while rich are becoming richer. As per Marxism, this exploitation would lead eventually to a revolution that would be against private property. Marx demanded to workers “worker/poor of the world unit! You have nothing to lose but your chains and you have a world to win”.

By summarizing, the demands of the poor are increasing, and they are facing a lot of problems as well, specially, after the coronavirus outbreak. In this regard, different governments of the world have been launched different supporting program for poor. In Pakistan, the Ehsaas Ration and Cash program is also a proof toward the dominating Marxist point of view in the current era. if Corona virus will remain for a long while then all governments of the world have to bear all expenses of the poor. Then the future of the world would be in the favor of communism.

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