A smile means alot!

(Fatima Qayoom, Kandiaro)

"If you have just one smile, give it to others and see what happens!"

This is what i say often and have a firm and strong belief on! There are some words that home in your heart the very first time you read them. These words, I must say, are one of them for me!

In these times of distress, especially the year 2020 that has been harsh beyond our thoughts, people, i guess, have forgot to smile. The little things that bring smile on our face are constantly being ignored in hurry for the bigger achievements we are all focused on. We have forgot to focus on the little things and hence have forgot to smile! You'll rarely see anyone with a smile these days.

Poeple are so entangled in their probelms that they are not able to see anything around them. We rarely notice the sad faces that pass by us everyday. I know we can not do anything for those sad faces that we see but we don't even know but the least we can do for them is to give them a smile. And i guess this is the most we can do! Giving has always been a means of inner peace. And even when you have nothing to give, you can always give a smile. This gives positive energy to other person and brings inner peace to you! Saying a kind word, bringing a smile to the faces, cost nothing at all. But will surely lighten the burdens of heart and make planet a better place to live!

A smile certaily can not bring solutions to the problems but we don't always need a solution... sometimes we just need the courage to face the problem and stay strong untill it passes. And smile certainly can do something in it! It gives you the courage you need to stay through the storms! It gives you courage to stay strong in times when happy moments are few and everthing is just going into a mess and every effort goes in vain!

Unfortunately, bringing smile to a face has been an underrated act. It is not a mere contraction of muscles, it is way more than that! It gives a moment of relief in this anyway troubled life. And this is, by far, the most genorous act I know!

So, when you are tested with troubles, SMILE, and just know that you are strong enough to survive the storm!

And yes! Don't forget the first line! Giving smile costs you nothing so keep it up in any way!

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