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Education is the road to national development. On the basis of education people not only aware about their duties but also they aware about what is wrong or right. One of the goals of education is to enable the people by developing their general consciousness regarding their national and international position as global citizens .Pakistan is a developing country, and only that nation goes towards development that has powerful weapons which is education. Education is the key towards success; every nation develops its generation on the basis of robust training and education on different grounds like social, economical and ideological .Now the thing is it should be everyone’s aim that their child only get quality education and they will do encourage their child to move forward to development. The investment in education pays the best interest to the nations, and a powerful passport to individuals’ future. Quality education does not lie between poor and rich, it is actually every single individual’s basic right. When we talk about quality education we come up to different facts. Now the question arises - how to make sure that every child is getting quality education and how it can be promoted for lifelong learning? This is indeed every institute, every teacher, and every mentor’s responsibility to ensure to be providing quality knowledge to students.

The goals of Pakistan regarding education are mentioned here;
. It was decided in the very first national education conference 1974 held at Karachi that the education system would work according to the national aspirations of Pakistan and would be only those people highly encourage who are needy and poor who can’t afford that expensive education stuff. The father of the nation Quiad-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah has delivered in his conference that education system of Pakistan was to develop national character of Pakistani generation. The national character would contain very high sense of responsibility.
To promote quality education many institutions and committees were made. Because of this the quality of education in the country has suffered badly instead of making progress. Another major problem which has affected negatively the system is the widening gaps and distance between the educational institutions and community. Parental involvement is necessary for ensuring the quality education.
Negative factors create concerns which are mentioned-below:
● Decimation in schools
It occurs when people are treated unfairly. Powerful ones try to control the powerless for their so-called future benefits. And, those who do not follow them are incredibly discriminated against that leads to suicidal thoughts at extreme level. It should immediately be removed from schools.
• Education without instructions:
A sound education system is essential for every nation of the world. The education system of Pakistan is much affected due to improper guidance; due to weak instructions no one can polish their skills and this become resulting a great and horror issue like unemployment. Low basis private sectors do hire that young teachers who has just passed their secondary levels. And basically those things destroy purpose of quality education.
● Putting too much in one plate :
Institutes must ensure not to pressurize children to learn many languages. For example, Pakistan’s mother tongue is Urdu whereas people speak different languages such as Sindhi, Punjabi, Pastun, and so forth. Majority is Muslim so Arabic language is mandatory to be taught in schools as well. Additionally, I have mentioned above that English is an educational language over here. Therefore, It is necessary for a student to learn these all languages which means putting too much in one’s brain at the same time. It must be removed, and one language to be followed for all subjects.
• Lack of quality teachers:
Teacher is the backbone of education organizations. Majority of teachers do not know about lesson planning and how to cover them out and deliver that. Teachers don’t use new strategies and methods to enhance child’s level of understanding, they only rely on that old methods.
• Accessibility:
There are a lot of people who can’t afford quality education. Hence, policy makers must come up with something which provides accessibility to each. Organizations should extend their knowledge at a broader level.
Through this paper it is clear that only those nations are developed and successful who have quality education. It is everyone’s basic right to attain this. Every institution and government should follow the education policies. . Pakistan has already been doing a good job at providing quality education. It may take time to remove completely negative factors. Anyhow, Malala Yousuf is one of the great examples from Pakistan.

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