Apologize To The Education System

(Saim Asim, Karachi)

Pakistan's education system is deteriorating with the passage of time. There are many social and political causes of degradation. Politics and education are interrelated and not if the education system of developed and developing countries. By comparison, it is clear that education in Europe does not come from money, but from constructive and genuine education, every sector of the country is moving towards development.

The school system and method of education there is very different and developed from Pakistan. Education in Europe and developing countries creates 'thinking', consciousness and love for the homeland. Education in Pakistan is just a degree. Education has become paperless due to direct intervention and direct action of political elements.

Hundreds of thousands of teachers have been added to the education system, which is not only the cause of the education system but also the cause of the next generation to be destroyed.

Recruitment of all incompetent and political people in the education department has started weakening the educational foundations. If this kind of interference in education continues, the government will not stop the recruitment of such teachers, then there is no reason that Pakistan is educationally backward in all respects. The reason for Pakistan's political, religious, educational, social and moral degradation is the inclusion of elements in the educational structure who are not capable of creating moral, educational backwardness and competence.

So much time is wasted in schools, colleges and universities that students are interested in studying for barely two hours out of six hours and the rest of the time is spent in hobbies. Technical education is also not up to date. One of the reasons for unemployment in Pakistan is that educated people are illiterate because they do not have qualifications according to their degree and then they do not think of prosperity.

It is very important and time consuming to inculcate such a mindset in the students that the nation can be better off by creating a mindset of national interest. Defects in the education system have become so old that it is time to rectify them. It is necessary to separate politics from education and give representation to the educated class. The secret of development of Japan, Germany, Britain, USA and China is only education. Education is the factor that creates change and revolution.

One of the reasons for educational backwardness is the lack of Islamic education system. Others have benefited from Islamic education and are moving towards progress.

Europe has followed the Islamic principles of education which have been inherited by the Islamic education system and they have forgotten. The survival and security of Pakistan is possible only by removing the flaws and shortcomings in the education system. There is a need to give to the betterment of mankind. Teachers are not familiar with the method of taking and teaching classes in schools.

The establishment of an institute is very important for inculcating constructive thinking in teachers so that trained and talented people can come in this field. Only highly educated degree holders can be recruited to improve the quality of teachers. Europe's education system is so strong. And it is a matter of fact that the question of poor education does not arise. Admissions here are done ignoring the merit policy. The policy makers themselves are not aware of the suggestions for the correctness of the education structure. The Minister of Education is not familiar with the education sector. Such a person is made the Minister of Education, from whom it is possible to expect improvement in education.
In the education system, nepotism, recommendations, relationships, relationships are all the cause of destruction.

The prosperity, development and construction of a country is possible only by formulating policies that meet the requirements of the time as well as the needs of the country. How is this possible only when the above If it is OK, the system will automatically get to the bottom, but it does not seem to be possible. Now it is not possible to rely on the Public Service Commission.

The market for rigging is hot here too and in many ways such a merit policy has been introduced here as well. In various ways the pamphlets are changed to disqualify the eligible and the interviews are so rigged that the common man It is astonishing to think of ways. Such illegitimate methods are being adopted in the system that even the policy holders of Europe and developing countries cannot think. Then the cream goes down and the incompetence goes up.

In this way, Muslims are slowly moving towards destruction and ruin. If Pakistan's education system is correct, then society can be correct in all systems.

The method of education is also not in line with the modern psychological requirements. Pakistan has always ignored the psychological thinking and tendencies of the students. It is not only right to force children to get an education but it is also very important to check the trends so that mental thinking can be kept in view from childhood.

In Pakistan in particular, there are methods that are obsolete that have little practical benefit. Due to modernization in cities, the quality of education is slightly better than in rural areas, but it has been observed that 70% of rural areas lack educational facilities. Focusing and reforming the education sector can take the country's social, political, religious and cultural structure in the right direction. It can strengthen the country's political, social, cultural and religious foundations. The Ministry of Education may not pay attention to this for a long time. Is giving

In the field of education, the department should recruit only graduate and post graduate teachers after modern training.

Matriculation teachers are not able to strengthen the foundations of the students nor do they know how to teach them according to the correct modern requirements. If we compare the countries, it is clear that the budget is allocated more to the education sector and every year corrective measures are taken in the education sector. In this way, their education system has improved and the country has developed. Progress, prosperity and stability in every sphere of life is possible only through constructive and conscious thinking.

Education in primary high schools, colleges, universities and teacher reform measures are being promoted. Here in the villages, especially teachers go only from the point of view of monthly salary and wages. They are the architects of the nation. Not the spirit of giving, that is, the spirit of worship is also very important. For their improvement, there should be special training centers which give training every six months for fifteen or one month. That training should be a copy of the education sector of modern countries. And the backward sector is education and no one else.

The Ministry of Education is handed over to those who are not aware of the objectives of education reform. Any kind of revolution is possible in the country by bringing a revolution in education. Government and individual measures and reforms can be as follows.
The budget on the education system should be second only to the army.
Special orders should be issued to the ministers to stop political recruitment in education.

The curriculum should be changed from first grade to MA according to modern requirements and Islamic ideas.

National thinking should be created by changing the teaching style and thinking of teachers.

At least a graduate in primary school and no less qualified than a postgraduate teacher in high school.

In particular, the proportion of women in education should be increased so that they can train their children according to corrective approaches and modern requirements and ideas.

Political interference in education, especially nepotism, should be eliminated so that teachers can perform their duties in the education sector without any discrimination. Primary and high school teachers should be appointed in the schools closest to their homes so that they do not neglect their duties.

He said that training institutes should be set up all over the country for the betterment and conscious thinking of all the teachers of Pakistan so that with the eradication of old ideas and outdated thinking, a revolutionary mindset could be created in the students with modern thinking.

Method of Examinations Questions, Papers and Marking Methods Examinations should be eliminated.

Legal punishments should be given to teachers for negligence and carelessness in their duties and only those teachers should be recruited who have the capacity and strength to be psychologically attached to education.

Special education departments should be set up to check the education system at the district level so that teachers can be monitored at the district level.

Apart from these suggestions, there are many other shortcomings and improvements. It is very important to pay special attention to the lifestyle, style of speech, style of dress and other accessories of the teachers and give instructions. No government has taken corrective measures on the education system. The proportion of education in Pakistan is 65% but this education is not really the proportion of constructive education but the proportion of positive and true thinking or education is hardly 30%.

This is the reason why the country is not getting right and patriotic rulers due to poor and substandard education. As the rulers will be, all sectors of Pakistan will work according to their thinking. The country will also develop at the same pace. Can such an education system take the country out of backwardness and towards development and prosperity and stability? Can such a system that has been running on such a path for many years be changed? Certainly if the rulers of Pakistan become loyal to the country and the nation. Of course, the education sector can take the right direction.

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