Social Media as a tool to get Justice

(Noor-ul-ain Siddiqui, Hyderabad)

Can we trust social media to empower our voice? The answer might not be clear this moment but the hope evoked within one's heart has increased considering that social media does hold quite an influence. That influence is strong enough to pressurize the higher ups even. As we are aware, social media is mostly used as a distraction, it's also a go-to entertainment spot for our youth and even the elderly. They are basically enveloped by it these past years, scrolling through for hours, so, why not take advantage of the very platform that contains such attention. As it's said the more the merrier, if we are to raise our voice, we surely need support to spread the word as far as possible and social media has that potential to do so.

Many cases have been dismissed due to ignorance and that led to those incidents taking place frequently. Are we to let this happen? We need to take a stand. Even if the culprit isn't convicted for his deeds, it still emits an empathetic feeling between the fellow humans towards the victim. If many have been denied justice, many got to experience the merry taste of it and several victories have been achieved by the help of social media.

One of the many victims saved by the very platform of social sites named Sarah Gill, a transgender woman, claimed "That post saved my life". In 2010, her being of the age 23, Sarah was beaten and threatened for her life by 3 men that followed her. Feeling distraught and to seek protection, she brought it up on a Facebook post asking help from her community and as it's quoted by herself, it did as people pitched in.

The one that created an utter chaos throughout is the case of a six year old named Zainab Ansari who lived in Kasur, Pakistan. On 4th January 2018, while on the way to her Quran recital, she was abducted by an unknown man as it was covered on the CCTV footage. She was held hostage and her body was found in a garbage heap. Her autopsy reports result that the six year old was assaulted and tortured before her ruthless murder. This incident received an outrage globally as it went viral and trended with the hash tag #JusticeForZainab on various social websites. The unexpected amount of reaction put pressure on the officials and demanded for her justice.

Imran Ali, the culprit of the said case was executed on October 17th, 2018. It was later found out that he was guilty of seven more murders before Zainab and through the execution of this pedophile; we also brought justice to the unheard cries of help by raising our voice.

#BlackLivesMatter, it is an international activist movement that works for the justice against the violence and racism towards black people. The foundation was built in July 13 2013 but it was basically hushed over until July 18 2016, Once again, social media was the path for people to raise the voice and spread the word over the discrimination towards black people. The hash tag was trended at a massive amount and it's said to be one of the biggest movements where millions gathered and protested for the equal rights of POCs (People of Color) after the very acknowledgement of this issue through social media.

#JusticeForShahzaib, as we look more into the cases, the case of Shahzaib Khan stands out, for through the help of social media, his culprit Shahrukh Jatoi was brought to his deserved punishment as the word got spread from site to site. While standing up for his sister, he got into a fight with Shahrukh and his peers. After eventually tracing him down, they murdered him on spot for irrelevant humiliation in the name of revenge.

This incident took place in Karachi, Pakistan on 25th December 2012. After the news got out, the people went crazy over it and forced the government to take an action against the guilty. On 7th June 2013, Jatoi was sentenced to death for his crime.

As all mentioned above, I believe we have come to a conclusion that social media has grasped the power to bring justice to the innocent as it gives us the ability to speak for the sake of ourselves and others. Justice has never come easy and never will but it's all worth a try! For, everything is connected to the end of it.


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