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(Shoaib Haneef, )

World Health Organization on January 30, 2020, publicized Covid 19 as a health emergency worldwide. After the announcement, the haphazard closure of all the schools, colleges, and universities was done to limit the exposure of students to the novel virus. As this virus was new, there was no vaccine available at the spot to get the situation under control so the best possible prevention was considered at that time and which are continued until now until the situation is controlled and the drastic effects of the virus are diminished.

After the outbreak of the virus, students were not able to attend their school and it was suggested to deliver the lecture online using any platform that is convenient for the students. A study is conducted about the impact of coronavirus pandemic on education through which data is collected by using questionnaires to 200 respondents including teachers, parents, students, and policymakers selected from different countries which concluded that there are learning disruptions, decreased access to education and research equipment.

Following are the effects on education:
1. Learning disruption
Online learning was the only sole step initiated worldwide but that was not easy because everyone was not aware of the digital skills that created hindrance in communication due to inaccessibility.

2. Loss of interest in studies
Due to poor infrastructure, student’s time is wasted and they indulge them into different other activities affecting the efficiency of student in studies.

3. Loss of Jobs
Covid 19 possess a risk to jobs because people are supposed to stay at home in isolation, this resulted in a loss of jobs.

4. Prolong Study Time
It is challenging for the teachers to convey the knowledge to students while using the online application (Zoom, Microsoft teams & other e-learning platforms)because of the poor network.

5. Access to laptops/mobile
All the students don’t have access to laptops /mobile because of the age and number of other multiple reasons, some students can’t even afford mobiles and laptopswith internet connectivity issues

6. Research
All the types of equipment cannot be accessed online, which limits the student's capabilities to perform their tasks

7. Education Opportunities
Students are not able to avail the opportunities offered by different schools and colleges, they are bound to stay at home during the pandemic, and this affects many students because they can’t avail themselves of the scholarships.

Ongoing pandemic is posing hurdles and challenging environment to every sector. There is no defined period for the termination of the Covid 19. Government should take the necessary steps to facilitate the students to carry on their studies by strictly following all the sops. Exams should be properly scheduled for the assessment and promotion of students without any further delay because prolonging the duration without any assessment would result in loss of determination and deviation of interest of students. A possible solution should be found to stop the spread of the virus otherwise disruption caused by Covid 19 to the educational sector will last longer, students who are not engaged in studies would affect the academics, resulting in idleness and involvement in crimes and poor academic performance.

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