Dignity Matters

(Iraj Manzoor, Karachi)

Have you ever seen a candidate congratulating the other opponent on an amazing victory after a tough election or a lady valuing her maid and accepting her needs? Well, if you haven't seen anything like that this means dignity does not exist around you. Yes Dignity, well according to the internet sources dignity means the right of a person to be valued and respected for their own sake and to be treated ethically.

But I don't think dignity should be restricted till being respected or being valued, it should be meant beyond that and we should be dignified in our lives. Especially after this global pandemic, people are also caring and thinking about others but a mass population is only thinking about themselves which should not be as it is. Caring for someone and understanding their problem can also be dignity. Respecting and considering someone's opinion is also dignity. Having self-esteem in yourself is also dignity and giving personal space to anyone is also dignity.

Every human has the right to lead a dignified life and fulfill his or her potential. All over the world each one of us share the right to be treated with dignity. We treat others with dignity each time we lend a helping hand, stick up for a friend, or recognize the qualities and talents that make each of us special. Treating other people with dignity means treating them the way we would like to be treated ourselves.

For example, If someone takes a photo of you in a situation that you don’t want to be seen in, then they shows it to others or posts it online, it shows disrespect for you, and you might feel someone hurt your dignity. I find this thing very common in the current era especially on social platforms, people come up with such content and pictures just to shame others in public.

In such scenario one of the thing that should be imparted is the value of human dignity where we try and teach others to respect each other, to be kind and polite, to appreciate the efforts, to never shame someone publicly, to always act with the utmost decorum, to take responsibility for the actions, to make a commitment to change hurtful behavior and to apologize if you have violated another person’s dignity.

As Almighty Allah has honored mankind by His great love, human beings should also reciprocate the same and show their love and respect for their fellow human beings. By doing so we are giving evidence that they matter. That they have value. That they’re important and that they are worthy of respect because If people feel that their identity and value as a human being is not respected, it can stop them from enjoying life and living comfortably. When we consider that the entirety of everything that is the universe was created for us human beings. We have to pause to consider how important each one of us is in the eyes of the Creator, that each one of us has the potential and purpose to change the world. Human dignity must be the guardian of the most precious part of existence. It should be the basic guiding principle for all actions. In fact life on earth is about serving others. Our professions, our careers, and our jobs should revolve around a desire to serve others. To give back to others because serving shows that we care and caring shows that we respect.

The biggest problem I see in the world today is that too often we fail to look at all human beings as members of a single global community where everyone deserves a life of dignity. We are all the same human beings who have potential, who deserve love, and who are born with the ability to dream.

Human Dignity is the absolute recognition of every human being because each one of us is a Creation of Allah Almighty and there are two paramount purposes that we have in life that is to love Allah, our creator and to love one another. Human dignity therefore is that which we afford one another. Ultimately, our own dignity is interdependent with the dignity of others. But we don’t have to always agree with others, endorse their actions, like their choices, be comfortable around them, or share their beliefs in order to dignify them. All we have to do is respect that as a human being every other person has worth that is equivalent to our own. If we try to be dignified in our lives, our lives would change and our hate, past grudges for others would be finished for lifetime. In the end I just want to say dignity is simply humanity, have it to do it.

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