How to make the Power of Persuasion work for you?

(Saifullah, Peshawar)

How to make the Power of Persuasion work for you?

In a typical work surround managers have to contend with a variety of people. Personnel management is one of the most sensitive and critical area of management and it demands expertise human relations.

Some experts in human relations suggest these tactics when required to cope with people who’re difficult to deal with:

“Kill” with Kindness. Treat everyone well regardless of how people treat you. Be direct but likeable and polite. It’s difficult to treat a thoughtful person thoughtlessly.

Listen and Respond. Allow the difficult person to express his or her feelings. Then acknowledge your awareness of the situation, describe what you see and hear, reveal what you think and feel, and say what you want.

Tip: Don’t judge (“You shouldn’t be that way”) or generalize (“You always do that”).

Don’t take a position-deal with a need. Find out what motivates a person so you can offer alternatives of solving the problem. Chances are the difficult person confronting you has simply adopted the most obvious solution. In other words, move from what the other person wants to why the person wants it.

Accept blame. More often than not, you’ve played some role in bringing about the behavior others subject you to. Admit what your fault is quickly and emphatically. Whenever you shoulder your share of the blame, others are more likely to own up to theirs. Which people would prefer to deal with?
1. Those who’re self centered.
2. Those who have expended their centers to be as conscious of the world around them as they are of themselves.

No doubt you’ve chosen the second. We don’t take to people who’re self centered and concerned only with their own well-being. They can never have charisma.

But people who’re truly sensitive to the feelings of others have that certain something that enables them to acquire charisma. And charisma, according to my opinion is “the intangible that makes people want to follow you, to be around you, to be influenced by you.”

How to acquire charisma and become a powerful persuader?
These are some ways to acquire charisma and become a powerful persuader.
1. “Treat everyone you meat as if he or she is the most important person you’ll meet that day.” Even if you find it difficult to do at first, people will really become important to you once you’ve acquired that habit.
2. Develop sensational handshake and project a positive thought as you shake hands. Example: “This is a great person; I’d really like to know him better.”
3. “Learn the art of giving sincere compliments.” If you manage people, keep in mind that they do care what you think and appreciate your mentioning it.
4. “Work on your smile, and when someone smiles back, keep smiling for those magic two more seconds
5. When trying to sell an idea or a product, never assume people will believe you. Tell them only as much as you feel they’ll believe.
6. “People are drawn to you if you act consistently and are repelled if you act inconsistently.”

Additional Knowledge

What to do with tough decisions?

If you’ve a tough decision to make, consider these suggestions:

1. Start the process by jotting down your wants and needs.
2. Rank the things you want and need. If you spot contradictory needs, ask yourself, “Which would I choose?”
Example: If you’re seeking a new job, do you prefer a high salary or creative freedom?

3. Gather all the information necessary to make a. Look at alternatives, consequences, advantages and disadvantages.
4. Determine how much of a risk you’re willing to take. Then consider these strategies:

1. Choose the safest alternative.
2. Pick the option with best odds for success.
3. Select the alternatives with the most desirable out come despite the risk.

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