Dilapidated State of Recreation

(AJAZ UL HAQ, Karachi)

Recreational facilities are not a matter of choice rather; it is a part and parcel of a healthy leaving. Recreation has a positive impact on health, and it lowers the risk of heart diseases by relieving people from stress. A walk in the early morning prevents diabetes and reduces the risk of obesity. Experts believe that a regular habit of walking boosts the immune system.

The range of sports and recreation facilities’ offer should be very wide in order for all social groups of the examined environment to have access to sports and recreation facilities. Because, leisure offers an opportunity to foster self-actualization; and it provides stimulation for work. But, it is worrying to note that town or villages dwellers have little amenities to spend a sound leisure time.

As I have experienced town life, I belong to a beautiful town of Gilgit called Dashkin Khoudkisht, I would like to write about the lack of recreational facilities in Dashkin Khoudkisht. It is one of the most remote areas of District. It consists of 3000 households, with approximately. 10,000 of population. It is worth to mention that here, this area with no single bed government or private hospital, no single maternity home. Health of 10,000 people is in high risk.

But today, I would like to throw light on the shortage of recreational amenities. Like there is acute shortage of recreational facility has made residents specially youth and school going students home-centric during their free time. There’s no playground no public swimming pool. I’m sure, only 1% of the people have TV in their home. Despite, hollow promises from different political leaders to provide with 3G, 4G services but it’s been year’s area has no internet facilities. Other than that, even electricity in town or villages is seen like once in blue moon.

Schools mostly do not have playgrounds of their own and there is little recreational facility for children in our poor rural setup. As a result, development of their skills including, problem-solving, creative thinking, intellectual and cognitive abilities, has been severely hampered almost without early-age outdoor physical and recreational activities.

Few days ago the community elders of the area organized a meeting where they decide to dig up a more than 7 decades of a filled with garbage swimming pool again for their youth. A very next day, more than 150 people reached on the spot and dig it to 7 feet down and 200 feet long. It shows that people are socially matured and believe in collective social work. Now a big number of youth goes there to learn swimming as an art and some think, it will help them to pass the Pak Navy swimming test.

I can say it with great confidence that, the vulnerable residents mainly, the youth of this remote area is quite active and senior people are wise enough to meet their youth’s need, and make them ready to be good assets of future. Through this medium, I’d like to take the attention to the concern authorities and non-governmental organizations; Investment in the development of parks, playgrounds, libraries, swimming pools, open spaces and other recreational facilities are synonymous with investing in a healthy country. Effective steps should be taken for ensuring recreational faculties for all.

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