The Crown of Success

(Dr. Shakira Nandini, Porto)

Dr. Shakira Nandini, Portugal ☼

I was walking towards my destination, today the sun had left its place and had come down very low, due to which the sand dunes were getting hotter and hotter and looking red, it was difficult to breathe due to the hot air. There was no oxygen at all, no living thing around me, maybe everyone was hiding from the sun to escape the heat.

Finally I asked the sun, "Why have you moved so low today from your place? Look, it has become difficult to walk because of you, no living thing is visible, everything has taken refuge because of you." "Even the earth can't stand your heat."

The sun replied, "This is not a time to ask, but to take care of myself. I follow my own will and I have only one place. I never change my place. This is the earth that rotates." I am and she is circling around me, and today she has changed her place and tried to come closer to me, I am a ball of fire, don't try to come near me but make friends from afar because ... Drums from afar are beautiful. ”

Then I asked the earth, "Could you not choose another day to be closer to the sun?"

The Earth replied in a daze, "I'm spinning in my orbit. Actually, I was feeling a little cold today. I needed the heat of the sun, so I turned my round body towards the sun." Find a shade tree for yourself and try to take refuge under it. " Saying this, the earth became silent.

I looked around to escape the heat but I did not see any shady tree anywhere. Then I tried to take shelter under a small tree but the shade was very low due to the small size of the tree and in that shade Only half of my body could be hidden, so I grabbed it and put my head in the shade of a tree.

I was also very thirsty, but the water I had left was also hot in the blazing sun. I tried to drink water but the water was not coming down my throat because it was hot. The majestic senate of death was all around. Now I could neither go forward nor backward. There was no living thing around me. Half of my body was in the shade and half at the mercy of the sun. The sun left me and the wind was helpless in front of the sun. The earth was in its grief. Every living thing was trying to save itself, now there was no one between me and God. Then I turned my face upwards and prayed to God.
"O God! Does the Hour come before death or after death?"
No response from above.

The next question I asked was, will anyone see my body in this desert after my death or not?
There was still no response from above.

Now I asked the third question, will the purpose for which I have left home remain unfulfilled?
As usual, there was still no response.

Then I asked the fourth and final question, will I suffocate in this wilderness and leave this world?
This time too there was no answer.

The devil was laughing at me when he saw me in this condition. Then I asked the devil, why are you laughing so much? Have I sinned by asking? Or were my questions wrong?

no! no! ... You have asked the best questions, but you may not know that God does not speak directly to man, but when man goes mad he begins to understand that he is speaking directly to God. There is no one to save you now, you will suffocate here. No one will see you. All the flesh of your body will be eaten by wild animals. Your bones will be scattered everywhere. You will not succeed in your goal unless you forget God and follow me. Forget everything you thought. Now wait for your death, no one will come to save you. Join me Follow me Follow my advice I will make you a hero in the world. You will be heard everywhere, in earning wealth, I will help you and when you become rich then people will automatically respect you. Will you be my partner?

I got up in a rage and thundered and said, no !!!!!! It cannot happen. I know that "he who has no one has a god."
I have full faith in God, the purpose for which I left home will surely be fulfilled. Who are you to speak between me and my God?
I have full faith in my God and faith is the key to success. Having said that, when I looked at the devil, he had disappeared.

The shadows of the trees had grown, the heat of the sun had diminished. The water was frozen. I drank water in the name of God, looked around and saw that the intensity of the sun was gone and I also started feeling better. Then I remembered the words of a wise man.
"When destiny wants to be kind to someone, it first tests him by putting him in trouble, whether this man is strong enough to be crowned with success."
Now the power I had lost in my feet was coming back. I thanked God and set off for my destination.

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