Transgenders and our sick social behaviors

(Nadia Tahir, sargodha)

Transgenders and our sick social behaviors

Transgenders read this word , what was the first thought, first feeling or first word that came to your mind! Did you take the word positive or derogatory and ridiculous! Did any sympathy awaken in your heart, or was there any contempt, hatred and laughter? You can deny the thoughts that come to your mind, but you cannot deny the fact that our society attributes transgenders to negative and derogatory thoughts , humor and satire. As per science, this third gender is a genetic defect, with no particular causes and known treatment. Every child has equal chances to be born as a eunuch. If you and I are perfect human beings, then this is not our personal perfection and if someone is an transgender , then of course there is no personal involvement or guilt, but our society has been blaming and punishing them and still unable to understand that eunuchs are in a way imperfect but still human beings or we can say it in another way, that they are sexually handicapped but have a heart and mind, see our attitudes and feel , do not know how many times they get injured, broken and shattered because of our sick behaviors. The first aspect of our inappropriate behavior is that our society directly targets them. Wherever we encounter such people, we humiliate them, make fun of them, ridicule them and even send curses just like a duty. I am astonished when even well-educated people do not take it wrong .On the contrary, they are found saying that Do you expect us to respect the transgender or they say with a laugh that since when she males have become respectable! Here I just want to say , doing the wrong thing and then not even considering it wrong is more serious and in this case even more painful too. And the other aspect is our indirect attitude and negative thinking that we have considered them as a source of entertainment for ourselves. Many popular TV programs do their mimicry or make fun of them to entertain the audience , , many comedy serials are doing the same thing, which is reprehensible but unfortunately, we amuse ourselves and laugh at such broadcasts. What bothers me the most is that our society uses the word “transgender” as an insult, to criticize a person in a negative way, to make fun of him, he is easily called a eunuch or she male and again no shame is felt. In my opinion, this is an insult to the eunuch more than the person to be called as. But we do not care about the feelings of eunuchs or we think that they have no feelings at all. Just like blind, deaf and dumb people are disabled or special people transgenders are also or maybe even more sensitive. As we feel sympathy for those disables in same way we should feel and show sympathy and care for Eunuchs, Just as we don’t make fun of blind, dumb and deaf people and or at least realize that it is immoral similarly it is wrong to make fun of these ,it is immoral and should be considered bad, but unfortunately most of us are not ready to understand it. Though Eunuchs are deprived of their true place all over the world. In this regard, the day of transgender, which is celebrated globally on March 31 every year, is not very helpful but our condition is the worst of all. In other countries, there are still job opportunities for eunuchs, but we have reserved only the profession of dancing and singing for them. These people make unsuccessful attempt to hide their frustrations and sadness behind make-up and dance at the happiness of others, doing this humiliating job just to find their livelihood .These poor live with their own homosexuals, the same are their parents, siblings, friends and every relation. They expect nothing from society but their still society takes their existence as a bad stain and wants to scratch it away. No dream, no desire stay in their hearts after the way they are treated, yet if someone dares, tries, or wants to do something for the sake of the livelihood, we humiliate and disgrace them so badly that they start hating life and it is because of these and sick attitudes towards them that the proportion of eunuchs committing suicide and unsuccessful suicide attempts is many times higher than that of ordinary human beings. The government can set up institutions for these special people, set quotas or give stipends but it cannot give them the status of honorable citizens in the society. It is up to the we citizens to do it ourselves, to change our attitudes and of others. These innocent people who have been evicted from their families, rejected and abused by society, grown up with all their sorrows, still alive ,so let them live, do not kill them with your accents, your words. If you cannot encourage them don’t discourage them at least, if you can't make them , don’t break them . If you can't give them confidence, don't snatch it from them, if you can't stop those who make fun of them, at least don't be a part of this heinous act. Consider the wrong as wrong, realize that eunuchs are human beings or at least complete the rights of your humanhood. Moreover, as Muslims, our responsibility is certainly greater than that. Our religion teaches humanity, provides rights to even animals, so how can it allow us to hurt humans, to break their hearts. The last thing I would say is that if we, as followers of the great Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa ﷺ , examine ourselves, we will surely regret our attitudes towards eunuchs and will try to improve these attitudes.

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