How To Use Social Media?

(Rizwana aziz, Karachi)

When we talk about social media, everyone is interested in a bit about it. Many think that using social media for bad purpose is very harmful. I am not talking here about the misuse or negative effects of this social platform. I am talking to you about how social media should be used. Social media has become so huge because of its great importance and popularity. It helps people all around the globe to stay connected with their family or loved ones. People need not have any reason to leave home. They don't have to be physically present there at your place and can even take part in some activities. This social platform is great because it has helped us to get so well known in our country, and also around the world.

Most of us, especially teenagers, tend to use social media regularly. We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat too much because they are great social tools to use. However, social media can also be misused by people who only want to be connected with someone whom they can share some information about themselves. So, it does have certain dangers when we spend so much time on social media and neglecting real life relationships with people. These social sites have made many things like fake friendships, dating, making up accounts, posts, etc. for people to know about you. One of the major reasons of these false connections is that people who want to be close to each other have been made friends by anyone from outside, even if they are really no familiar with them. Another thing is sharing personal messages without actually knowing. People can also make fake contacts just with the hopes of getting more information about themselves. For example, if you would want to know a person, then you can follow him/her online, however, if you do not care about the person and only want to find out about what he/she has done, then you won't be able to do this and that's why you have to be careful while following people. That's why you should try to maintain a real and genuine communication with people, by telling them about yourself on any social media platform. Also, keep for eye out on your actual friends and not your fake ones. If you start spending more than necessary and looking for something more like a friendship, that may lead to problems and break-ups. Try to make real friends and never give people fake promises and commitments.

Sometimes people want to play pranks on others. Like making fun of them just because they are different, or maybe, they want attention. In this way, one can tell his/her opinion on somebody just because you think his/her ways are strange, like being funny or weird. You have no idea what someone feels while doing such things. Don't go far to entertain anybody, because you might regret doing it later with regret. The second thing is to avoid giving away all your confidential information about yourself. Do not share all kinds of private stuff and you will ruin your life and reputation as soon as you try to reveal about yourself.

Social media pages can damage to your self like posting wrong pictures of you. Be careful about your post because it can harm your image. Be careful about who you choose to show your photos to. Keep yourself safe by always being aware that what your images are revealing about yourself. You know what you look like and how you look in front of the mirror. But when you post this picture in public on social media, it also shows your body part. That will destroy the physical image and it will affect your mental image too. So, try to try to be very confident about your appearance or else, you might regret it later. If you are feeling insecure, there's nothing good to feel but you always have to do what you have to do to get rid of those feelings. Trust will always guide you in the right path. Just read reviews of what other people have posted and try to avoid showing your inner pain. Make sure you don't post anything like that and don't let your guard down. Share whatever you want to share. Posting pictures or videos of you doing tasks is ok, don't put any pressure on yourself to show your true picture. The last thing that you can do is make the fake pictures viral. If you are serious about your career, then you should go ahead and post that picture where you have completed the task.

Social media also affects your health. It has become very popular and people should get used to it. Nowadays, it is hard to ignore this kind of digital technology. According to researches, people should spend less time on social media. In fact, we are so addicted to such platforms for a short period, then they become dangerous for our health. So try to avoid becoming too obsessed and start taking control of your own life. Use social media wisely and watch what you are posting to see if this kind of activity is useful for you. Take control of your life and stop wasting your energy on these sites.
Rizwana aziz
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