Early marriage

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Early marriage

In villages,it is still very common. It is very successfull marriage because of the presence and consent of elders and also because of the immaturity of childrens .Everything has two aspects, the one is positive and the other is neagative .But we dont think so here is any negativity .Because of early marriage you become mature and start doing look after your family and give them financially comfort .Because of it you come to know your responsibilities.

On the other hand , in cities it is shocking news for society .That is why in new generation increasing ratio of sins like prostitution and adultery .If there parents don't allow them to marry with there beloved one so obviously children will be drawn to sinful deeds.

But there is alot of issues in early marriage which is faced by a childrens like forced marriages and early marriage is a fundamental abuse of human rights. Every single day around the world, women and girls are forced to marry against their will. When a girl is forced into marriage, she is now subject to sexual and emotional abuse and her childhood will forever be violated. Early marriage can have serious damage on the wellbeing of girls, through limited educations and employment opportunities, social isolation, domestic violence and rape. Girls who are married early are vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, and early pregnancy. Young girls are not physically mature enough to give birth and such a young age, which means it will put both the mother and baby at risk. The leading cause of death for girls aged between 15-19 is pregnancy and childbirth complications. Early marriage also has an impact on future generations. A child who is born to an educated mother is 50 percent more likely to survive past age five and are twice as likely to go to school. In fact, every year 13.5 million girls marry before their 18th birthday that is nearly two thirds of Australia’s population.

Early marriage is actually illegal in almost every country in the world. However, early marriage laws are rarely enforced in many countries, and families and girls are actually unaware that these laws exist.

The most important thing is education, which will more impact on future. Parents won't let children go to school, because of money problem, they think that 'instead of going to school make our family poor because a family has to pay all the expense and tuition fees". This makes children uneducated. Without having an education makes children feel bad when children go to find work. After child marriage, children won't get much opportunity to go school or college because they don't have a chance to go to school, they are always busy with a family order. Especially, girls won't get a chance to go school after married because they are going to live with their husband. What husband family chooses for girls, girls have to follow that. Which makes children disappointed and they get nervous. Giving education support, make people brilliant, so people won’t think about child marriage.

Child marriage is not uncommon in many parts of the world. It is not an old tradition, it is still a tradition that has yet to be abolished. Fifteen million girls are married as a child every year. Twenty eight girls are married every minute before the age of 18. Every two seconds a young girl is given away as child bride. Child marriage occurs across countries, cultures, and religions. It is fuelled by gender inequality, poverty, traditions, and insecurity.

Often times early marriage occurs because the family and husband wants to raise the girl so they can shape the girl as how they desire the girl to be. It also occurs because parents aren't able to raise their child due to financial circumstances, so the option that they saw that was best fit was to give their daughter away to another family. Another reason is due to cultural influence which holds males superior to women.

In many countries children are married off at a very young age, which leads to numerous complications. Even in countries that deem child marriage legally unacceptable, the minimum age requirements are inscribed in law are ignored by many.

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