Pakistan Information Center Conducting training on mobile Journalism(mojo) in Karachi

(Erum Jamal Tamimi, Karachi)

A two-day training workshop on Mobile Journalism was held at a private hotel in Karachi under the Pakistan Information Center (PIC), a new independent body of the Press Information Department (PID) of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

During the two-day workshop, journalists from various newspapers, TV channels and websites of the country were trained on 'Mobile Journalism'. During the workshop, journalists were taught timely and fast reporting tools via smartphones, and information was also provided to journalists about the apps and software that are being used by international broadcasters around the world in fulfilling their journalistic responsibilities. In the Western world, this training started fifteen years ago but in Pakistan smartphones are now in common use and the trend of smartphones has increased among the people so Pakistani journalists also need to be digitalized for fast reporting.

Ayaz Imtiaz Khan, the founder of Mojo Pakistan, trained journalists in mobile journalism and gave them examples to practice. Journalists not only learned these techniques but also put them into practice.

Apart from Karachi, some journalists from other cities of the province also participated in the program while women journalists were also part of the workshop. The training workshop on Mobile Journalism was attended by journalists of all ages, genders and religions. Reporters and journalists from leading TV channels, newspapers and websites were also part of the workshop.

The training workshop was also attended by Noman Moriani, Deputy Director, Press Information Department. On the last day of the workshop, PID Director General (DG) Public Relations (PR) Iram Tanweer also addressed the gathering and said that PID always has worked for the betterment of journalists and journalistic institutions and playing a role in enhancing the professionalism of journalists has been a top priority of PID.

DG PR Iram Tanweer said that under the PIC project, training workshops would be organized for journalists from all over the province including Karachi.

Chief guest Fazil Jamili could not attend the training due to some reasons. Saqib Sagheer received his honorary shield and thanked PIC on behalf of the Karachi Press Club.

Later, PID spokesperson Qasim Farooq presented a bouquet of flowers to DG while PIC in-charge Rahim Bux also presented him an honorary shield.

During the workshop, PIC in-charge Rahim Bux also gave useful suggestions to the participating journalists and said that in future his organization aims to conduct training programs for journalists. At the end of the workshop, DG PR Iram Tanweer presented certificates to all the trainees while Trainer Ayaz Imtiaz, PID Spokesperson Qasim Farooq, PIC Incharge Rahim Bux, Training Coordinator Muzammil Tanio and Also give shields to the coordinator admin Nazish Islam.

There should be more such workshops to update journalists in the future. This is a good initiative of PIC in which senior junior and journalism students worked together on projects.

Erum Jamal Tamimi
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