Education Is not a"Race".

(Rizwana aziz, Karachi)

Study is a journey not a Race.

“We should tell ourselves that we are always trying hard and never giving up, even if the situation around us gets tough. And that is why we may fail and never achieve things and we should remind ourselves that it is none of our fault to get stuck. Instead of complaining about what happened we should try to plan out better and try to be better in the next cycle. People who take control now are happier than people who didn't.” — Steve Jobs

If someone is happy with his job then he will be happy and will enjoy himself at work. When that person feels frustrated he will not be productive and he will not be satisfied with what he does. The same idea goes for our profession, we are bound to give 100% of our best effort in whatever we do no matter what you're doing and how stressful the environment around you is. Sometimes we even give up to our ego because it makes us feel better.

When we understand more what we are doing small details. Our brain does not stop functioning unless we get distracted or bored of the task. At once point a person is performing difficult tasks and everything feels perfect but by the time the first quarter is over his/her mind begins looking for reasons about failure and negative emotions. Hence we shouldn’t be discouraged but rather be motivated because our minds will be excited to look for reasons before making decisions and thus will give more effort to reach those targets.

Our brains are very complex and when you are facing problems that may seem impossible for us to face it may feel like a hurdle to overcome and it may take some extra strength to get out of the current situation. The same thing can happen in a child’s education, they are still learning on how to cope with things but once they understand that things are not perfect, they also accept that anything could happen which may lead to disappointment. In such situations where we aren’t able to control ourselves and what we are doing, we usually feel demotivated.

When you’re faced with difficulties and challenges you start thinking about how things could have turned out different. In life, we should encourage ourselves to stay positive and focus on what we are doing and not on how things were supposed to turn out. This way you could learn from your failures and mistakes and be proud of yourself instead of taking it all as lessons for the future.

We are never good enough according to psychologists. Nothing is ever perfect unless we allow that perfection to exist. We often live in our own expectations making our lives better than their is. Therefore when you do not follow your expectations then your whole life can change.

The same thing can be observed in our education system, teachers can create such conditions so that their students will do all they can to meet their expectations and if that happens then the students will leave lessons without even completing the syllabus and if someone decides to take charge of the course then this person will not want to leave and would waste the learners time. They would be busy improving their skills and memorizing and not focusing on their goals.

So how we treat each other is important. We should never judge each other for what we cannot achieve. By judging others for what they can do instead of what they are capable of doing.

Rizwana aziz
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