Defrauding refugees in the name of US Resettlement.

(Syed Fawad Ali Shah, Peshawar)

The United States refugee admission program, set up by the United States government for the well-being of refugees, has become the largest organization to defraud refugees. Refugee cases sent to the United States authorities by the UNHCR for resettlement in the United States are being called upon by USRAP or USCIS to demand large sums of money. Not every refugee believes such fake calls, but when the caller shares information that is very confidential between the refugee and the USCIS representative, the refugee starts to believe in such telephonic communication. Such a refugee pays thousands of dollars for his permanent settlement. Number of complaints have been received by the media personnel regarding such illegal demands In Malaysia, too, the US Immigration Service have made calls to different refugees and demanded huge sums as illegal gratification. The cases of those refugees who refused to pay any bribe have been put on hold for unnecessary long times. And in some cases even rejected without any cogent reasons. Whenever any Refugees tries to raise his voice against such corrupt practices then his name has been on halt for no plausible reason. Refugees have lost millions of dollars to the corruption of US immigration officials. complaints Letters were also written to the US embassy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia but no action has been taken till date. The reason is that the same staff members are sitting there who are themselves involved in corruption. This corruption trend began during the administration of former US President Barack Hussein Obama. Corruption has grown in the Department of Homeland Security and USRAP, including USCIS. The anti-fraud service set up by the US government has also been a mere eye wash. The writer has all the details of this nefarious game going on for the last so many years. If the US government wants to take action by establishing a liaison with the author in this regard, then he is ready to provide documentary evidence of this organized corruption. It is high time that the US authorities should take stern action against such black sheep amongst the ranks of their government. The USA can improve it's image by eradicating this menace as it is a universally accepted notion that seeking asylum to safeguard one's life and limb is a basic human right and those who blackmail refugees for their personal aggrandizement are nothing but a stigma over the name of the United States of America.


Syed Fawad Ali Shah
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