Water scarcity in Karachi

(Sana liaquat Ali Choudhry, Karachi)

I wish , I could turn on the tap whenever I wanted” said by the president of financially disrupted city, Karachi. When asked about water condition in her area. She also included that she has to order at least four waters transfers a month to meet the basic needs of her household, which cost her 18 per tanker.
Every passing day, condition of water shortage is worsening in the city.
• From 2005 there’s no any new project of water in Karachi.
• City who provides 64% of the tax to Pakistan is deprived of water miserably.
• North Karachi North Nazimabad, Gulistan-e-Jouher, and Shah Faisal colony resident starting boring.
• Shortfall of water exceed 60% 41% of water is stolen from bulk pipes before coming to the tap.
• Residents of most of the areas are forced to buy water way much higher than original prices. This is illegal as well , these water tankers cost at least 18 per tanker and this water tanker mafia is spreading its network all over the city.
• Orangi town one of the Asia’s largest slums, is facing water scarcity over years. The kWSB pipeline, which provides water to this area, is strained due to more than 100 illegal water connection made in it. As a result, everyone has to buy water to cure domestic need’s on huge hikes price. People from other areas like North Karachi, North Nazimabad, Gulistan-e-Joshers and Shah Faisal Colony have started boring to get over the crisis, but it’s getting worsen day by day. As they have to drill so deep to make water connection easier.

• The k-IV water project which was initiated in 2007 to provide water to the reside of Karachi is delayed till now. The estimated cost was approximately 25.5 billion PKR, which is now increased to 150 billion PKR, due to inefficiency of Sindh Government. This project is designed to provide 650 MGD to Karachi in three ways. This project was handed over to WAPDA in October 2020. The first phase of K-IV project is delayed up to October 2023. If this project is completed efficiently, then water condition might get better in the city.

• All three main barrages in Sindh, are facing water shortage. Kotri barrages 59% shortfall of water has raised serious issues. Water level in keenjhar lake is also dropped from 56 feet to 48 feet, which is almost the dead level, if it is reduced more to 42 feet, then it would be difficult to supply water to Karachi.

• Karachi, the biggest revenue generator of Pakistan which contributes approximately 70% in country’s revenue is unable to provide basic needs to it residents and is facing sever water scarcity. The lack of clean water has also sparked a number of ongoing protests.

• Mega management is also required by the concerned authorities to stop illegal water theft network, which is running all over the city and worsening water conditions in Karachi because mega projects can never be successful, without mega management.

• Karachi weather conditions also have a great impact on water shortage. As Pakistan is the 8th most vulnerable county in the world to climate change. The situation is severe in metropolis city where climate change is not only affecting public health but also increasing water scarcity in the city. Due to less rainfall and global climate effects the supply of water effects the supply of water is reduced to the Indus River, which ultimately courses low water level in the Hub Dam, which is the bulk water supply source of the city. Conclusion

If we concise the burning issue of “water shortage” we need to make it clear that top of the issue is indicating, got is non concerned over this issue and the other one we should have been made a dam like ‘Dia Meer bhasha or Kala bagh dam’ to save monsoon water resource that has already hit our country so bad in the recent monsoon 2022 (floods 2022). These torrential floods 2022 , where left so many people helpless, and their primary assets (dairy love stock animals) have been washed away , has raised the serious and eye opening concern that climate change should be cure by estimating the loss before it happened. In the end we need to tackle water shortage and mafias and then go ahead for dam making process to save water for rainy days.

Sana liaquat Ali Choudhry
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