Mitti Ki Dua

A region, suffering from acute starvation and persistent insecurity, cannot become creative and literary easily. In multilingual Balochistan, literature is stunted, wasting and moves at snail’s pace. Not to speak of English or Urdu literature, even local literature is in deplorable state in Balochistan. At the time that literature is on the deathbed in the province, the publication of Mitti Ki Dua by Salim Hasni in our national language (Urdu) is not less than a blessing.

 Salim Hasni is lecturer in English by profession and belongs to district Barkhan. Mitti ki Dua is his first Urdu poetry collection. The collection contains forty poems and ten ghazals. His poetry is all about love, peace and tranquility, but sometimes he protests against modern slavery and women's persecution in symbolic tune.

Successful love creates population; while broken love creates unique and beautiful thoughts. When love becomes a scattering dream, then its aroma spreads everywhere. Hasni’s unfulfilled dreams have morphed into balanced thinking, colorful imaginations and sweet verses. To him, beauty exists in distance -- the farther the distance between the lover and the beloved, the greater the beauty will develop. He is not obsessed with power, fame and wealth; rather he is in the search of music, dance, painting and smiling. He expects his darling to be fond of literature and entertainment. The unfaithfulness of his darling brings more power to his poetic imagination.

Hasni believes that the concept of love has come after the invention of the wheel. To him, before the invention of the wheel, there was neither cloth nor veil – everything was unveiled. He is in the favor of women empowerment and women freedom. He hates toxic masculinity and male superiority.

Like Atta Shad, Hasni loves his native place (Balochistan) the most. In Mitti Ki Dua, he praises Bolan, Chiltan, Koh-i-Sulaiman, Quetta, Ghawarikh, etc. to an exaggerating level. He pays rich tribute to the natural resources of Balochistan, and does not want these resources be exploited by foreigners. He uses different symbols, colors and sounds to express his ideas. His Urdu poetry collection (Mitti Ki Dua) is worth reading.

Mitti Ki Dua will prove to be an important chapter in Balochistan’s Urdu literature. It is hoped that Mitti Ki Dua will be appreciated by Balochistani Urdu intellectuals and salim Hasni will also continue writing Urdu poetry and publishing literary books. More power to him!

Prof. Fazal Tanha Gharshin
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