Attacking The Education Is Actually Dragging The Nation Back To Stone Age

(Abdul Rehman Meer, Islamabad)

Our beloved country has been facing the menace of suicide attacks on educational institutions for the last darkest years. Everyone is worried about his life and career where the barbaric activities have been increasing day by day. The question arises here that why educational institutions are being targeted in the country? We can definitely find the reasons behind such obnoxious acts of terrorism if we explore the world. The ancient people some hundred years ago were too backward. They didn’t have luxurious life styles like the current era. Their life style was the worst of the human civilizations. After the advent of Islam our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH brought the light of education and called it the ‘Noor’ means light. Light of mind, light of heart, light of soul, light of the society, light of the nation and the light of the whole universe. Indeed education is the supreme power means light which enlightens the darkest places. Those who acquired education could miraculously brightened their lives and changed their living styles but on contrary those who hated getting education means light went astray and lived in ignorance the opponent of knowledge. Our Holy Prophet PBUH made it obligatory upon each and every man and woman in Islam and also declared you have to get education even you have to go to China the farthest region from the present Saudi Arabia. The most significant clue is found in the Holy Quran that the very first word is ‘Iqra’ means read. So our religion has stressed on learning that can’t be ignored at all.
When a person gets education in a true sense we can easily feel a great difference between him and the others who don’t get education. An educated man is an important asset of his family first as he becomes the bread winner of his family then he is indeed the important asset of the nation as he becomes a beacon to his nation as he enlightens the whole society. We can find a mark difference between an educated family and an uneducated family. An educated family is peaceful and cooperative but the uneducated one is the battle field ever. An educated family is indeed stronger economically and socially in a fair way. An educated family hates crimes but the uneducated family cultivates crimes in the society to earn something. Concisely the society surely faces numerous tensions due to uneducated people in the society. These ignorant figures of the society cultivates crimes and crafts rigidities throughout the country.

Now is the time for all the Pakistanis to think for a second about the nation. Attacking on educational institution is indeed dragging our country towards the darkest and ignorant ancient ages. The situation is being generating in each and every corner of the country. Our economy depends upon our people if they are educated and enlightened. This is an open secret that Pakistan has enemies around the globe, their miscreants want to collapse the pillars of the nation so they have quivered the walls of education sector. They have separated terror everywhere in the country so that we must keep our children at home. They want that we must go towards gloom. They entered our religious strata and cultivated their dubious determination and broke us into fragments. It was the only way to spread mass destruction so they did it. Otherwise everyone knows that the religion of peace condemns acts of terrorism. We have to say no to ignorance and cultivate the wealth of knowledge into the society. Let’s see the world around us, we can see pilots, doctors, engineers, professors, scientists, astronomers, biologist, chemists, mathematicians, philosophers, linguists, poets, writers, anchors and thousands of others. They all are educated means enlightened by light Al-Noor that is only education nothing else. We have to affirm and make strong determination that we will never ever halt educating the nation and humanity because education is the backbone of the country towards development.

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