Structures of Mass higher education part 1

(Syed Ali Haider, Sialkot)

1.Higher ( or post-secondary ) education is the system in which the inputs are secondary students and the outputs are the graduates and post-graduates who go into the labour market or even join the ranks of furstrated unemployed educated youngmen.The university structure is determined by the thinking ,aims and ambitions of its faculty,by the goals of its patrons ,namely ,the society ant the government by the needs of its consumers ,viz,the students ,by its own inertia or resistence to change and by the inner logic or need for consistency in its curriculum and its programmes .

2.Universities are like green houses where various types of seeds grow into plants and are sent out into the world.Some green houses can be better than others.The green houses must be good and give healthy plants otherwise the society may throw stones and destroy them.The universities must have the respect and love of society if they have to survive as useful instruments of change .

3.The university system must be acceptable to the society as such.Infact,it has to be satisfactory to the various elements of the society which very often pull in opposite directions .There are pressure groups in society ,both intellectual and non intellectual and both of these should have respect for the university system .In particular the government and the members of the political decision making bodies must have genuine respect for the universities and must support them in all possible ways.Higher education cannot grow satisfactorily in a society in which there is no deep feelings for the indispensiability of excellence in higher education for the progress of the society .

4.Higher education can be for the economic and industrial development of the country .Higher education can also be for enabling graduates to make better use of their leisure time through intellectual pursullectual in western societies .The problem of proper utilization of leisure time has become important with the prospect of a four day working week.Higher education can also be meant to enable graduates to meet various challenges in a dynamic world and to produce in them strong adaptability to a changing society.Higher education can also be for civilizing human beings for producing a nobler race and for the proper evaluation of mankind .Higher education can also aim at working for social justice and for producing an egalitarian society with complete equality of opportunity for every citizen.

5.We should also ensure that " More should not mean worse " this actually happens when we increase the number of students ,without increasing facilities or resources in the same ratio.

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