Acid Attack and our Conscience

(Sara Naqvi, Lahore)

The percentage of acid scars in our society is very high. It is a serious gender based issue. It is highly observable in South-Asian countries like Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. By this illegal and inhuman violent assault women are affected. In most of the cases women play the role of victim. What really happens when one drop of acid falls on beautiful face. It leaves the victim with severe burns, disfigurement and even blindness. It smash the nose and melt the eyes. Acid not only eats the facial bones but also the conscience of the person throwing it. The assailant fails to hear the little whispers of God coming from deep inside their hearts. It is usually said that person without conscience are worse than animals. So what makes the person even worse than animals. The reasons are not justified like the man become angry with women for ending relationship and refusing the proposals of marriage, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and demands of dowry. These reasons are not surely enough to cause destruction in their beautiful life they are leading. Everyone in the world knows how much time women spend on their looks. They become conscious when a little pimple appear on their face. They become restless until that pimple completely disappear. So how it feels when acid eats their face within a fraction of seconds. Acid ruin their life psychologically, socially and mentally. Psychologically they are in complete depression and anxiety. Socially they have increase self-consciousness in social sphere and lower self esteem. Contrary to it, they find difficulties in finding job. The victims are often dependant on the spouses or other family members and most are discouraged to leave the house without fear or public reaction to their faces. But the evil natured man has nothing to do with this. He doesn’t even feel ashamed of this act rather they feel they are honored by satisfying their so called family prestige and ego. Although they are succeeded in dominating on their suppressive counterpart. On the other hand the society is in deep slumber that it doesn’t help to eradicate this curse. Now I am addressing the Judiciary, Human Rights Organization, Civil society, Women protection society and watch dogs of Islamic Values. The society has become ignorant and painless because the powerful people have become so powerful that there is no place to help accountable for their wrong doings. There is no conscience. And as far as God is concerned …. I won’t comment how much we regard his presence. We must put efforts on global level to eliminate the physically and mentally scarring crime so that we will bring this incursion to zero.

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