Islam Aur Namaaz

(Maryam Nasir, Karachi)

The definition of "religion" in our words is "what we believe in" and the definition of "Islam" is that "Allah is the only God and our Last Prophet is Muhammad (S.A.W)."

We Muslims now-a-days do not take our religion seriously as it should be taken.For example:Islam provokes us to give gifts in order to promote brotherhood but we give and take gifts for our own benefit not for Islam for ourselves that we will be given a better gift.Is this what you get from such Holy lessons???

We give gifts to those people who already have these things and don't need it we never give gifts to the one who are poorer than us or who cannot afford it.We give gifts to those people who have a higher status than us or who are of our category .

Why are we so harsh on poor and so kind to rich people???????Do you have the answer?????Give those things to those who need it more than those people who already have it.

Islam guide us to offer Namaaz(Sal ah)so that we would not forget in this luxurious world that there is someone who is greater than anything in the universe who created me,you,everything in the world.who can do what He wants His powers do not have any limitations nor restrictions.His power is beyond or limitations,our sight,our thinking everything.

Islam guides us to be kind to animals and what do we do we the dog or cat.Islam also contradicts posers(show offers)It is the worst thing we can see it best at the time of result that that when someone gets higher percentage how that person show offs and how the others get jealoused that is also the worst deed in every religion. Higher bank account is also a way to feel proudy and the person with the highest bank account is most likeable. Even the people at the time of Eid-ul-Azha also show off the price of their animals making the lower category jealous.

Why is it so why have we forgotten our Islamic values?????????we can not blame any other person or group for our that we are decieving our religion.
Islam says that; "offer namaaz (sa lah) and give zakat"and we pray to show everyone that we are so Holy and we give zakat to show that how much money we are having.Islam guides Muslims to offer namaaz since the age of 7 and it is complusary at the age of 10.We pray at the age of 50 whan we know we are near our end.Well atleast some try their best even at the age of 50 but some do not even bother.

Do you even know yhat in Islam even if you pray at the age of 60 andeven if you pray for the first time and take a promise or vow that I"i will pray for the rest of my life and I will try my best to please Allah."so Allah forgives your old sins.

Please atleast try to praycan you not pray for the one who loves you so much .Each namaaz maximum take 5 minutes .take out 5 minutes for 5 namaaz from 24 hours .Only 25 minutes will be taken to please Allah.

Now think that only if you take 25 minutes out of your life for Allah your life in the world and after death will be so peaceful.You will surely InshaAllah last in heaven.I can accept that in the beginning it is hard but later it is easy.I can accept that Fajr namaaz is hard to pray but if you try than surely you can pray it easily and if you are afraid of Allah then you will surely pray and stand for namaaz.
Lets take a vow that
"We will InshaAllah pray namaaz from now "
Please do pray from today and do comment.InshaAllah Allah will be pleased.

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