Backbone and leg pain from disc disease treatment with ozone

(humaira akram, Lahore)

 OZONE Discestomy  ( ozonucleolysis)
Back and leg pain from disc disease is the leading cause of disability in the developed and developing countries alike.

At pain Management & specialty Center, we have introduced Intradiscal Ozone Discectomy (Ozonucleolysis) in 2004 , as an alternative to surgery for the treatment of back ,leg or arm pain caused by herniated discs.

So far 20000 patients have been treated successfully using injection of medical Ozone with a success rate of 70- 85 % with no complications.

Ozonucleolysis is done without aesthesia and the patient goes home after a short recovery on the same day. The patient may need 1-4 session during 8 weeks. The patients are spared from prolonged absence from work and procedure related disability.

No invasiveness and lack of major complications compared to other methods (microsurgery , endoscopic discectomy, percutaneous arthroscopic discectomy, conventional surgery etc) ? make the therapy the treatment of choice with potential to change lives of countless sufferers of back, arm and leg pain.

What is ozone?
Ozone is a gas that normally exists in the atmosphere; it is produced by the effect of uv rays of sun's light on the oxygen. Medical zone is the mixture of oxygen and ozone, in variable concentrations according to how it is to be applied
How does ozone work?
When ozone is injected in disc space, there is production of antioxidant enzymes. These neutralize the toxic materials and cause shrinkage of the disc. Further ozone dissolves in the water in the disc (that is 80% water). It effects the building blocks of the disc (Proteoglycans) causing them to shrink thus reducing the disc volume and lessening pressure on the nerve.
Is ozone therapy safe?
It is safe in hands of interventional neuro radiologists. Ozone injections have been found to be an extremely safe from of treatment and are currently employed as the treatment of choice for disc hernia ion in many countries. The treatment is by and large free from any side effects by the injection of Ozone itself.
What is ozonulycleolysis?
It is procedure used to alleviate back, neck and leg pain by the injection of ozone in and around the disc.
What are treating?
Herniated disc liberate toxic by products, which together with producing a mechanical pressure on the nerve, cause it to swell and lead to pain and neurological problems. We treat neck back pain and leg pain from herniated disc and other disc conditions
Benefits of Ozonuleolysis
There is
No cutting!
No scarring!
No Anaesthesia!
No hospital stay!
Shooter recovery time!
Very short absence from work!
Who should consider it?
Patients with:
Sever back, leg and / or arm pain
Pain that has not responded to 4-6 weeks of conservative treatments (rest, pain medications, physical therapy)
Herniated lumbar or cervical discs confirmed by imaging studies (CT Scanning, MRI. Myelography)
Low back pain where the disc appears desiccated on MRI or CT
What is the course after treatment?
Bed rest advised for the first day.
10-15 min walk advised from day 10.
Full activity with exception of vigorous sports and lifting allowed from day 8.
Most people return to work by day 8.

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