After-effects of Chagai N-Tests?

(Marya Mufty, Lahore)

There has to be logic in the propaganda. India Today portrays as if the entire Balochistan population is affected by the 28 May 1998 Chagai nuclear tests radiation release. Then where Kulbhushan and company have been working? Were they wearing gas masks during their sabotage plots in the province? Didn’t such a getup expose their identity at all anywhere? How stupidly India Today says the generations in Chagai and elsewhere have “developed genetic abnormalities, because of the release of radiation; the tests were done in haste. The radioactivity contaminated the ground water, people are migrating and being treated as enemy; they are living miserable life.”

Indian propagandist must know the tests were of the nukes, not nuts. It was not done in haste though in response to India’s own 12 May tests. Pakistan was even ready to go for nuclear tests in 1984, during the Zia regime. The selection of site, deep digging of the hills, preparations for detonation, etc had been made long before 1984. Besides, all kind of collateral damage, aftershocks, effects and causes had already been evaluated and calculated. The rescue plans are said to be still ready but the detonations were so sophisticated like that of the highly upgraded technology Pakistan used that not a single individual of the provincial population got affected what to talk of generations. Unlike Pakistan, Bhopal’s Fukushima like nuclear tragedy is known to everyone. Frequent killing of nuclear scientists across India speaks of the tales which the Indian propagandists do not like to mention. There must be a method in the madness.

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